Territory of games, the best offers for PC

Are you a casino gaming enthusiast? How would you find it playing your favourite casino games online from home? It’s a good feeling considering that it provides you with the convenience and satisfaction you need.

It’s also a great time saver because you will erase traveling to the physical casino from your daily schedule. There are many free games online that will make your stay home in the evening or over the weekends interesting. Furthermore, they allow you to play with your friends and even other opponents online.

Such advancements have seen the gaming industry become one of the best globally. Although better gaming devices are currently available, many people have stuck to PC gaming because of the plethora of benefits they derive from it. Today the gamers have vast games to choose from, as highlighted by our gaming expert Dominic Andreasson (check his profile) in this post.

List of the most popular games worth trying

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

If solving puzzles is your passion, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the right game for you. You play it as Lara Croft exploring the tombs and ruins across various hidden sites. But that’s not all that the game entails.

You also have to solve puzzles and combat enemies of a shady organisation called Trinity. The whole experience of adventuring the city is thrilling, making the game enjoyable for anyone playing it either for the first time or second.

The game is the mirror of what the world holds. As you play it, you will come across a world full of jungles, beautiful sceneries and other dangerous sites. They are what makes it interesting. There is stillness in the background when gaming, making it very unique among others.

BattleField 5

Most games such as those on Casinoeuro do receive positive reception in Sweden on the launch and some even before their launch. That was a shock to the industry because Swedish players have been known over the years for their positive reception to new developments. But that was not the case with the sixteenth installment of the famous Battlefield franchise, an entity firm with the best offers for PC. It got mass criticism on its trailer launch.

However, that did not make the franchise withdraw the game from the market. Instead, it went ahead and made the game available in the market. Few years after its launch, the game garnered positive reviews from most gamers, including the Swedish players.

The fact that there are female characters in the game makes it perfect and unique compared to the others. Even though the game still lacks connection to the plot, it provides the gamers with an amazing experience making them play it repeatedly.

Far Cry 5

As the name suggests, Far cry 5 is a game that will leave you yearning for more gaming time. However, it needs you to be prepared for the play before anything else. It exposes the player to the wilderness and a lawless environment.

The player has to struggle, fight and strive to survive against men, animals and supernatural creatures. Joseph Seed is the main Villain in the game as it takes place in the fiction hope county. It’s in the fictional Montana region of the U.S.

Even though Far Cry 3, Vaas Montenegro is exciting in his play, Joseph Seed remains the most charismatic character in the game. The game’s jungle has a vivid color palette and stealth movements, and extreme explosions, making it one of the outstanding games that Swedish love playing.


Since its launch, Celeste has had positive reviews and praise from those who have played it, considering its well-crafted gameplay. It also has a beautiful and amazing soundtrack accompanying it. That makes it a top preference for many players.

Even though the graphics are not what you might be looking for, it offers a top gaming experience for those who want to play the game. It’s a game that no Swedish would miss playing.

Just Cause 4

If running and destroying things in a game is your passion, Just cause 4 is the best game online for anyone and most ideal for you. It allows you to do all that as you enjoy the thrilling experience it exposes you to. Rico is the main character in the game.

Those who have played the game will admit that he is a crazy character who is out to accomplish his missions by all means. He has various gadgets such as a parachute, gun and wingsuit. His adrenaline rush is just on another level.

As you can see, PC gaming still offers an excellent gaming experience every Swedish player needs. You only need a good PC to get started.

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