Greatest Canadians in NFL History

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Our love for sports is also something that is undeniably Canadian. Hockey is more like a cult, where fans come to worship their gods every week, and don’t get us started on Lacrosse. But sometimes Canadians make a name for themselves in other countries sports. Today, it’s the turn of the NFL and which Canucks really showed those boys a thing or two. And with 2021 being just the second year of four Canadian NFL drafts in the last 80-odd years, there will be more to come.

Bronko Nagurski

In an era where footballers were reliant on being exceptionally versatile, Nagurski was an all-round machine. Playing predominantly at fullback for the Bears, his nine professional seasons saw him clock up a combined 4,031 yards, 25 touchdowns and throwing 7 touchdown passes over his time.

He was named All-American in 7 of his first 8 seasons and was crucial to the Bears 1933 title win, throwing 2 touchdown passes. After retiring to become a pre-wrestler in 1938, he re-joined the Bears in 1943, to help them clinch yet another title at 35 years of age. He went on to coaching roles in 1943 before officially retiring (again) to lead a farming life.

One of only two Canadians to ever be named in the NFL Hall Of Fame, he is remembered as one of the most brutal to play the game, with his simple yet effective style.

Eddie Murray

As a kid, Murray didn’t even play football until he was late teenager but was still able to become one of the greatest kickers the NFL has ever seen. Over his 11 years with the Lions, his first 10 seasons saw him lead the scoring, land the longest field goal of 54 yards (then an NFL record) and get the record for most consecutive field goal successes (12).

Named Pro Bowl in both 1980 and again in 1989, he was the only ever rookie to be named MVP in 1980. In 1988 and 1989 he tied the NFL record for highest field goal accuracy of 95.24%. His pro career spanned two decades and saw him notch up 250 games and 1,594 points, a record by a Canadian player that stood until 2020.

L. P. Ladouceur

He may not make everyone’s list, but he made ours. Ladouceur’s career with the Dallas Cowboys is certainly impressive; a tied-record 16 seasons, never missing a game and was perfect on every snap. The Long Snapper has been known as one of the most successful special teams players over the last few years and made the Pro Bowl team of 2014.

He played the most NFL games of any Canadian players at 253, holds the record for most consecutive games by a Long Snapper in NFL history and is the second most capped Cowboy ever.

Austin Collie

Making a great name for himself at the Colts in 2009, he was a vital addition to Peyton Manning’s team in his second year. In his 25 games over 2009/10, he made 118 catches for 15 touchdowns as Wide Receiver. Who knows just how far this kid from Steeltown could have gone?

Unfortunately, a string of concussions and injuries followed, and he was released from the Colts in 2013. Some good game time over the following seasons with Patriots and 49ers were again upset by further injury. After making his way home in 2015 after his signing with BC Lions, Collie scored 7 touchdowns off 43 passes and 439 yards before retiring in 2016.

Collie had all the skills to be the best Canadian player the NFL had ever seen, but ultimately the concussions and plague of injuries cut him down in his prime.

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