The Biggest Blowouts in American Football

Some days, things just go exceptionally bad for football teams – and in American football, there have been some serious Blowouts (find out exactly what these are in this college football betting guide!). When you head over to betting sites to place your bet on your favourite team, seeing this can be devastating – as your money can blow out alongside your team. Here, we look at some of the biggest and baddest blowouts ever in American Football.

5: Falcons 62 vs Saints 7, 1973

The Saints and Falcons debuted just one year apart from each other, the Saints in 1967 and the Falcons the year before in 1966. Neither of these teams managed to make the playoffs for several years. However, the Saints took the longest to reach form. In their opener in 1973, the Saints lost their opener to their rivals by 8 touchdowns. Archie Manning threw 5 interceptions, with one of these becoming a 65-yard Tom Hayes pick-six. Indeed, the New Orleans team conceded 45 points between the second and the third quarter. The Falcons went 9-5 in that season and they didn’t manage to make the playoffs until 5 years later, in 1978.

4: Saints 62, vs Colts 7, 2011

In 2011, Indianapolis went 2-14, bottoming out in New Orleans one Sunday night. As Manning positioned himself on the sideline, Drew Brees threw 5 touchdown passes, two to Marques Colston and two to Jimmy Graham, while the Colts starter, Curtis Painter couldn’t even reach 70 yards. This historic drubbing came during a 0-13 Colts start. Both GM Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell were fired at the end of the season. The Saints, meanwhile, went 13-3, but it ended in your another of the many Brees era postseason near misses

3: Seahawks 58 vs Cardinals 0, 2012

Coming in at third is the Seahawks, who managed to catch a Cardinals team that was in transition. The second of Carroll’s 7 Seattle Seahawks teams scored on offense and defence. Both Robert Turbin and Marshawn Lynch managed to clear 100 yards and Beast Mode brike through on several shifty scores. They powered through multiple Cardinals players on a third. Johns Skelton threw four INTS. One of these transformed into an easy Sherman six-pick. Meanwhile, Malcolm Smith also added an end zone fumble recovery . At the end of the season, the Cardinals fired Ken Whisenhunt and the Seahawks came within touching distance of the NFC Championship game.

2:  Rams 59 vs Falcons, 1976

In second place comes Rams victory over the Falcons in 1976. The Rams had a successful decade, with a run of top quarterbacks. Three of these were in action in December 1976.  However, they mostly set up LA Ram’s then-record 7 rushing touchdowns. Their running back, Lawrence McCutcheon ran for 121 yards and three scores. Meanwhile, booth Quarterbacks 1 and 2, Pat Haden and James Harris managed to find the end zone. Both of the passers had been starters with the Rams for several years, whilst youngster Haden took up the reins in 1976. No one had any trouble dealing with the flighty Falcons that day. The Rams wet on to advance to the NFC title game

1: Patriots 59 – Titans 0, 2009

In first place we have the Patriots victory over the Titans in 2009. The Patriots ended their season with a first round playoff defeat to the Ravens. However, this was responsible for the biggest blowout of the century. 

In one of their throwback weeks, the Patriots held the Titans teams to -7 passing yards in Foxborough on a snowy October day. In this game, Tom Brady threw six touchdown passes, three of these to  Randy Moss. He and Wes Walker also posted 100+ yards and scored numerous Touchdowns.

So, there you have it – the biggest 5 blowouts in the recent history of American Football. These have been suffered by even the biggest and best teams, but that doesn’t mean that all is lost. Even those teams that suffered the biggest losses managed to get back into the game with some winning season and that’s the beauty of the game.

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