The Flemish American Football League in Belgium Sets Up Two Divisions For 2016

After considerable deliberations, the seven teams of the Flemish American Football League (FAFL) in Belgium have decided to change their format.

Instead of a straight seven team league, the clubs will divide into two divisions of four and three teams each. The first division will consist of the Brussels Black Angels, Ostend Pirates, Ghent Gators and Izegem Tribes while Division II will be composed of the AAFC, Leuven Lions and Limburg Shotguns.

Basically, the four teams in Division I were the top four teams in 2015 in the FAFL while the Division II clubs finished in the bottom four. The Antwerp Diamonds and Puurs Titans have merged to form the AAFC .

In the two-division system, each team will play a six game season. The top two teams from Division I will automatically qualify for the playoffs. The third place team in the first division will play a wild card game against the winner of Division II for the third play-off berth.

Below is the full calendar with all the dates for the upcoming season!

Belgium - FAFL 2016 schedule

Luther Rommens is a young American Football player from Antwerp, Belgium and a regular contributor to AFI.