The Giants second highest paid player has only one sack

The second-highest paid star on the New York Giants payroll, Olivier Vernon has only bagged one sack so far.

Vernon signed a five year deal from free agency in an $85 million contract back in 2016 in which $52.5 million goes to him. And this season has been given $17 million.

Being sidelined for the first five games due to high ankle sprain injury. Vernon was able to find a sack in his sixth game for the Giants while playing as a linebacker against Eagles in Week 6. And ever since the 28-year-old defensive end star has been unable to find the sack again and to add has not been very productive to his team not making dynamic plays.

Following the Giants dramatic 25-22 loss to the Eagles head Coach Pat Shurmur said via NYPost: “Certainly getting pressure on the quarterback is important, We want all of our really good players to get production. He’s out there, he’s contributing. You don’t sack the quarterback or the quarterback has a pretty good day throwing the ball. Certainly part of it is the rush.’’

Most times coaches, who get stuck in this sort of situation, tend to bring out how a top player in his team attracts more attention than the other, but same was not said for Vernon, with games currently going AFL betting predictions offer the best of odds.

Shurmur said: “No, not really, again, this is my first exposure to O.V. You know way more about him than I do in terms of his history here with the Giants. But no, I don’t see teams spending extra resources to block him.’’

Joined in by New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr said after the game: “I would’ve loved to attack’’ the Eagles’ depleted secondary, but “it wasn’t in the game plan.’’ Shurmur did not agree with that assessment.

“We ran the ball 18 times and threw it 37,’’ he continued. “That’s twice as many throws as there were runs. We had seven explosive gains in the passing game. You’ll have to ask him to define it after he watches the tape, but I felt like we were trying to do the things necessary to win the game.’’

Shurmur was then asked if he was bothered about Beckham’s statement, he said: “That was one man’s opinion after an emotional loss, but what happens is you get an opportunity to get a good night’s sleep, watch the tape, and maybe change his opinion.’’

Shurmur was without a player Evan Engram due to a hamstring strain and could not star for the Giants against the Eagles.

Engram said after the game: “To kind of lose like that and not be able to have my hand in or just to help or be out there with my guys, it definitely sucks.’’

It is unknown as to when Engram will be back in action for the New York Giants but could feature for his team when they take on the Bears.

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