The Greatest NFL Wins

COVID-19 has certainly dictated the way we live and breathe in the last few weeks. Not content on just invading our jobs, family and even our airways, our beloved sports have taken a beating too. The latest announcement from the NFL, that this season will go ahead as planned is looking like a long shot at best, with many European competitions already being scrapped for the year.

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But, with 2020 well on its way of becoming a giant, non-event for global sports, we’re taking a look back on some of the greatest games the NFL has ever seen. If we can’t live in the moment, we may as well relive the glory days of the past.

The Best of the Best

With an incredible history of awe-inspiring games over the years, we’ve tried our best to break these down into appropriate categories. Don’t agree with our choices? Then write your own list, it’s not like there’s no time at the moment.

Greatest Super Bowl

There really has been some golden games, but for us, Super Bowl 51 in 2017 stands out as something special. Tom Brady’s piece de resistance to rally his troops from 28-3 down to the first ever Super Bowl overtime victory of 34-28 was epic. It also cemented him as the greatest quarterback of the modern era, and a superior leader. It’s also one of the greatest collapses of a finals team with the Falcons best chance at an inaugural Super Bowl championship. But hey, there’s always next season.

Greatest Comeback

1980’s 49ers v Saints has got to be it, and it is. To come back from a 28-point deficit shows the mental stamina only produced by real men back in the eighties. 31 unanswered points, including that iconic last-minute field go to put the 49ers ahead, is still to this day the NFL record. And it’s just one of the many feathers in Montana’s very fluffy cap.

Greatest Upset

John Elway has still gone down in history as one of the greats of the coaching world, but 1996 was definitely not his year. Being his self-proclaimed toughest defeat, the Jaguars v Broncos game should have been all sewn up after the first quarter and a 12 point lead. But no one told the Jaguars whom, in just their second year, took it to the Bronco’s through the deadly duo of Brunell and Means. Possibly the best chance Elway had to take the crown, going on to lose the Super Bowl three times in the preceding years.

Greatest Individual Performance

Again, this is a hard pick. But after days of pondering, Vince Young has come up trumps for his 2006 Rose Bowl performance that earned him MVP. Coming up against what many regarded was the greatest college team of all time, and a 34 game winning streak to boot, Vince’s 467 yards and 3 touchdowns saw the Longhorns topple the Trojans. His final 9 yard TD scramble came with just 19 seconds on the clock to put his team 3 points clear and lift the Rose Bowl.

Greatest Game

Sparking quite the debate around the office, the Colts v Giants game of 1958 has to be THE game that made the NFL Americas favourite pastime. On a freezing December night at none other than Yankee Stadium, we saw NFL history with the first ever overtime game after the final second field goal equalled for the Colts. Alan Ameche wrapped it all up with a powerful driving touchdown in the right side to give the Colts a 23-17 win and steal the hearts of America whilst he was at it.

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