The Greatest Super Bowl Bets of All Time

All Super Bowl fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the season, anticipating the thrill and entertainment that comes with it. The events of the Super Bowl often make headlines in newspapers. What’s even more fascinating is the high amount of revenue generated by wagering companies. Statistics reveal that in the past six seasons of the Super Bowl, a substantial amount of $178.9 million has been wagered in places like Nevada alone. It can be speculated that over $200 million can be generated from offshore casinos. An estimated sum of $31.5 million is said to have been wagered by casual bettors who come just to enjoy the game.

Mattress Mack Turns All Tables by Setting a Huge Bet for the Bengals

Mattress Mack has been the talk of the town lately. The furniture dealer is popular in Houston due to his community work and the charitable funds he raises. However, he recently gained attention for placing a huge bet of $4,534,000 on the Cincinnati Bengals. The Caesars Notebook states that Mattress Mack placed the greatest bet of all time, and ESPN confirms that the Houston-based businessman did not stay to collect points, but instead stood adamant to chase the single bet win of 7.7 million dollars.

Super Bowl history reveals that Mack has been the second-highest bettor, placing $522,500 as the highest betting streak in the Super Bowl seasons on January 31 and February 5, 2022, for the Rams. Other high bets include a sum of $105,000 – $400,000 for the promising Rams, etc.

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Super Bowl Live Betting

2021 witnessed a skyrocketing net all-time high since live bets of 2 million dollars were quite common. The Las Vegas Journal, published in recent days, reveals some of the biggest bets of all time, such as a generous sum of $250,000 for gaining $1.5 million, which was the highest of its kind. Other high bets include a sum of $5 million placed on the Chiefs ML.

Mattress Mack seems to have gone a step ahead and has announced that he will be placing a bet of $3.46 million on Tampa this season. In 2021, he spent a total of $13 million on the Astros World Series, which gave him a gain of $6,150,440 against Kansas City. The businessman celebrated by refunding his customers if they spent beyond $3,000. Moreover, the business mogul made sure to give away furniture from his shop.

Who Is the Biggest Loser in Super Bowl History?

The original name of the bettor remains anonymous, as he placed a great bet on the St. Louis Rams and lost it altogether in the clash against the New England Patriots. Although the Rams had a great start, convincing all the fans of their amazing outcome, New England stunned everyone with a narrow win of 20-17 by taking advantage of the injured Rams. The rookie, Tom Brady, stole the game and made the Patriots win their first game. But, it seems that the bettor’s Lady Luck betrayed him, and he had to let go of $4.8 million.

Who Is the Highest Super Bowl Bettor?

According to records, Michael Gaughan’s bet in 1992 remains the biggest ever made on the Super Bowl. The match between the Buffalo Bills and the Redskins attracted a lot of attention from bettors across the nation, with many favoring the Bills for the win. 

However, Gaughan took a different approach and placed his bet on the Redskins, a strategy that paid off when they emerged as the victors. It shows that sometimes, going against popular opinion can result in a big win.

The Decisive Outcome of the Game

  • The bet meant that if the Redskins won the game by exactly 7 points, the person who bet on them would win. 
  • This drew a lot of attention across the nation, and people placed bets totaling $50 million. 
  • Fortunately, luck was on Gaughan’s side, and the Redskins won by the exact number of points he had bet on.
  • It is speculated that Mattress Mack is a trendsetter and will push the betting boundaries even further by 2026. 


Super Bowl has remained a significant source of betting revenue, earning a gross amount of $588.1 million from 14 states. While many in the wagering world are impressed with Mattress Mack for betting a high value of $4.5 million on the Bengals, history shows that the highest Super Bowl bet was $10 million. Losses have also been recorded, with one bettor losing $4.8 million. It seems likely that in the near future, Super Bowl betting will break all records, and we may witness bets over $10 million.

Betting can undoubtedly be profitable and can lead to a high fortune, but it also has a darker side, as losses are inevitable in this game of chance. Therefore, exercising self-control and gambling responsibly is of utmost importance to avoid any unfortunate consequences. As a fan of the Super Bowl, it’s important to enjoy the game responsibly and with proper caution.

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