The Latest Rules Changed In The NFL

After receiving feedback from players, coaches, owners, and fans across the league, the NFL (National Football League) committee decided to adjust the game rules for fair play and player safety.

NLF changes intend to make the game more exciting and increase the viewership rate. These changes affect not only the players and coaches but also bettors. Check on American Football betting and other betting companies for the new updates.

Here are the latest changes made by NLF

Elimination Of Overtime Preseason Games

The NFL decided to eliminate the overtime period in the preseason. If a game is tied in regulation, it will remain tied. The NFL made this change to keep players safe and healthy during the preseason.

Roughing Passer Penalty

The competition committee passed the rule, but it has become an issue for players and coaches.

The rule prohibits defenders from landing on the quarterback with most of their body weight when making a tackle. Instead, they have to wrap up or pull the quarterback down by grabbing an arm or leg while avoiding landing on top of them.

The NFL has received backlash from players and coaches over this new rule penalising defenders harshly for tackling quarterbacks with all their body weight.

Automatic Touchback On Kickoffs

Before, if a kickoff went through the endzone, it was a touchback if it went unreturned. However, if somebody recovered the ball in the endzone, they can return it. Under the new rule, there will be an automatic touchback as long as your kicking team performs a legal, fair catch of the ball inside their endzone.

Ejection For “Forcible Contact” With An Official

This new rule targets any player who makes “forcible contact” with an official and automatically ejects him from the game. It doesn’t matter how slight or severe the contact is. If there is any contact between a player and an official, he is out of the game.

Helmet Rule

The NFL is implementing a new rule prohibiting offensive players from lowering their helmets. This rule aims to reduce collisions and increase players’ safety. Players who go against the rule and initiate contact with an opponent will be penalised 15 yards and ejected from the game. A player lowering his head while blocking can be flagged for roughness.

No contact is allowed when both players line up against each other. Players should keep their helmets up or get flagged.


The NFL banned taunting in all its games. But they recently added new rules. It’s not uncommon for players to taunt or boast after making a big play. On extreme occasions, it can lead to fights and penalties. Some of the prohibited actions include:

Gesturing or acting in a manner designed to call attention to himself

Mimicking the slashing of an opponent’s throat

Engaging in any celebrations while on the ground

The taunting penalty is 15 yards.


The NFL is known for its strict rules. However, some of these rules have changed to accommodate technological advances and other reasons, such as safety and entertainment. Whatever the reason, we can’t knock the NFL for bending its own rules once in a while.

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