The list of the best scholarships for American football players in the US

Football is deeply rooted in American culture. It is one of the most popular sports, accumulating millions of fans all over the country. Moreover, football is among the number one scholarship sports, offering full-ride scholarship money. With the highest number of such scholarships that provide around $4 billion in financial support, it is no wonder that competition is fierce. Yet, this fact doesn’t hamper rising stars from applying for such scholarships, especially when numerous programs are out there. Here is some basic information about the requirements along with the top-notch list of scholarships for American football players in the United States.

Applying for American football scholarships: Primary Requirements

However potent your aspirations to get a scholarship might be, you won’t receive it without meeting a primary set of requirements. Submission and eligibility criteria are essential; they help the committee weed out a good deal of applicants. This is good news for you, considering you fall under the main requirements.

The issue with the requirements is that they are mostly unique. That is, every program can determine what to focus on when reviewing applications. What one scholarship requires may be ignored by another.

With all that said, there are typical requirements every program has. For example, regarding eligibility, applicants must often meet the following conditions:

  • Be a student
  • Be a citizen of the United States or hold a permanent residence
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.8 or more

A scholarship committee also pays close attention to attachments and reviews them thoroughly. That’s why it’s essential to collect a complete pack of documents and make sure they are neat. Speaking of which, they are:

  • FAFSA report
  • Recommendation letters
  • Application form
  • Resume
  • Leadership and commitment to service proof
  • Essay

Writing tasks are getting more required these days. According to college essay writers, well-written personal statements and scholarship essays play a pivotal role in the application process. Importantly, they have helped many students in their application processes.

Football scholarships worth applying for

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program

The Foot Locker Foundation has been taking care of aspiring student-athletes for dozens of years. Since the program’s establishment, it has helped many people develop and reach their highs.

Each year, the Foot Locker Foundation provides scholarships to 20 students who demonstrate stellar academic performance and leadership in sports and other domains. When it comes to the eligibility criteria, candidates must:

  • Enter an accredited educational institution in the Fall of 2021 for an undergraduate degree
  • Be involved in high school sports of various kinds
  • Maintain a GPA of a minimum of 3.0 or higher
  • Be a US citizen or resident
  • Be unrelated to the Foundation in any way

Also, the Foot Locker’s committee will evaluate every applicant, making sure candidates:

  • Represent sportsmanship and positive impact on others
  • Demonstrate academic brilliance
  • Empower the community or the team they are playing within
  • Are motivated leaders, proactive players, creative individuals, and charismatic persons
  • Have unique backgrounds

Each of 20 recipients will receive $20,000 for covering tuition fees, sports equipment, and other expenses. Keep an eye on the 2021-2022 application period; it should open soon.

CCU Athletics Scholarship

Colorado Christian University’s College of Undergraduate Studies offers the Athletics Scholarship to athletes who stand out in various sports. The main requirement is to be part of the CCU academic community. Also, every applicant must be approved by the CCU Athletics Department. Candidates should be US citizens or permanent residents, have an average of 3.0, and display academic excellence. The award amount varies, as the scholarship committee reviews every application individually, examining candidates’ academic performance, essays, and, above all, financial state.

Augustana College Athletic Grant

Augustana College is widely known for its strong emphasis on sports. The college has long been at the forefront of supporting student-athletes and providing them with splendid opportunities. Augustana’s alumni play in different teams and divisions, including NCAA Division I and III. Those who want to receive financial support have to meet a set of primary requirements, which is:

  • Be a student of Augustana College
  • Maintain 3.0 GPA
  • Show outstanding academic achievements
  • Demonstrate low financial status

Augustana provides institutional, state, and federal scholarships. Receivers can get up to $27,000 in rewards. The application deadline varies, so it’s best to track it manually.

NCAA: Where the Opportunities Stand Out

American football is arguably one of the most played sports on any level. It has a large number of players, fans, and, of course, finances. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA for short) emerged over a century ago to nurture sound qualities and make sure student-athletes are treated accordingly.

The NCAA comprises three divisions that set rules for recruiting players and distributing financial aid. The Association regulates every division strictly, making sure everything is bound by the regulations. Otherwise, the organization severely penalizes colleges that violate such rules. Three main divisions are operating under the NCAA: NCAA Division I, II, and III.

NCAA Division I

Of all athletic scholarships, NCAA I is the most prestigious program for amateurs. To date, over 200 colleges and universities are part of Division I. The rivalry among the Division I football teams is impressive. Only 85 full-ride scholarships are available to college football players. The NCAA Eligibility Center must approve every applicant, which only makes the competition tougher.

NCAA Division II

NCAA Division II covers smaller public and private academic institutions. Division II has more limited financial resources; unlike Division I, it offers 36 full and partial scholarships annually. However, getting the Division II scholarship is easier. Schools often look for well-rounded, multifaceted players who can shift roles and play at different positions. Candidates must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and get a confirmation of being eligible.

NCAA Division III

Division III encompasses even smaller schools compared to the mentioned institutions. Also, it doesn’t provide football scholarships because Division III focuses primarily on students’ academic excellence and takes football as an extracurricular activity. Yet, it doesn’t mean student-athletes don’t receive any kind of financial aid. More than half of student-athletes receive need-based or merit-based scholarships. Those who decide to apply for this scholarship do not need approval from the NCAA Eligibility Center.

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