The most famous football teams in America

American football is one of the greatest sports in North America. Although this activity is practiced all over the world, it remains the most popular there. American analog began as a variant of rugby. The game’s rules have changed over time. Here you can watch the best football teams in the league, who always put on a brilliant show. Let’s take a closer look at the most prominent representatives.

Dallas Cowboys

The team’s roots are in Dallas, Texas. The Cowboys are a professional American football club from the American city of Arlington, Texas. This brand is widely known around the world. Interestingly, in 2016, Forbes’ annual ranking of the world’s most expensive sports clubs was topped for the first time since 2010 by a team from America, the Dallas Cowboys.

These days, it’s important not only to follow the club offline but also how people react to its popularity. Therefore, it’s not surprising that such a name is often seen among new Canadian online casinos, as advertising is present in many places. No one has canceled sports betting either, where you can be sure that the Cowboys will not let you down. If you don’t already know what American football is, you should get to know this team better.

Buffalo Bills

If we consider football teams by state, we can immediately see the Buffalo Bills. These guys are proud representatives from the city of Buffalo, New York. The Bills are a professional American football club competing in the National Football League. The team was founded in 1959.

Their main achievement is that they won the league championship twice. Unfortunately, the club lost four consecutive years in the Super Bowl (1991-1994). It was a difficult period, especially morally. But still, now the team is considered one of the best and most famous, not only in the league but in the whole world.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are the oldest American football team from Florida. They are known for winning the 1972 and ’73 Super Bowls, their record-breaking coach Don Shula, and legendary quarterback Dan Marino. Moreover, if you like to do football betting, you should choose these guys. You definitely won’t go wrong.

Many people may not have known about this, but the team was featured in the movie Ace Ventura, where the plot centered around the kidnapping of the team’s mascot, Snowball the Dolphin, and quarterback Dan Marino. Jim Carrey’s hero tried to save both of them so as not to let the Super Bowl crowd down.

Pittsburgh Steelers

This team has a long and successful history. Interestingly, up to a certain time, they were called Pirates. American football fans liked that nickname. It was no longer just a word but a brand in the American market. Many fascinating things are associated with them. It should also be noted that the Steelers became the first team to win six Super Bowls.

This is a classy achievement that many competitors have not been able to match for a long time. Decent team if you’re going to do any betting. You can count on the guys not to let you down. That’s why the Pittsburgh Steelers are considered one of the most popular teams in the regular league.

Denver Broncos

Soccer fans in the United States know this team. They are bright and always try to win. Many famous names are associated with the Denver Broncos. It is a professional club playing in the National Football League.

This club was founded back in 1960. To this day, they successfully perform in the major leagues, being one of the top teams and contenders for the championship each season. This is indeed a great achievement. If you have funds and you want to increase them, you should bet on this “horse”. You won’t be wrong.


In summary, this game is fun to play and watch, as it involves the perfect mix of physical activity and strategy between the two competing teams. In the United States and Canada, this sport is simply called football. It is commonly referred to as “American football” outside the region to distinguish it from the regular European variant. Teams that compete in this country are considered some of the most expensive clubs in the world and very popular among fans.

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