The Usual Crypto Casino Games Explained

Crypto gambling is nowadays an established form of entertainment that involves a lot of the same things the usual online casinos utilize, except the bets use cryptocurrencies rather than fiat money. Other than that, crypto online gambling is very similar to regular online gambling.

A typical Bitcoin casino generally offers what you’d expect from an online casino, content-wise. There are some unique features, as well as special games that only crypto providers would have. Depending on the provider, you may or may not get unique features or ideas that utilize something from the crypto world.

Regardless, here are a couple of games you’ll find in any crypto casino, just so you’d know what to expect.

Crypto Slots

Slots are one of the basic casino games. When thinking about gambling, most people picture a row of cherries or whatever. Depending on the combination of images on each slot, you can get a hefty payoff or lose utterly, with a lot in-between. Online casinos introduce have even more to offer.

Online casinos don’t need to restrict their slots to a small number of images or a small number of rewards. You can find games with 5, 8, and more slots. If you manage to catch several identical images, you’ll get a reward. Consequently, there are many more rewards based on these combinations than in normal casinos.

Crypto slots are just online slots that use cryptocurrencies for bets and payoffs. Besides that, there aren’t many unique things happening in crypto slots. It doesn’t make it worse, because the possibility to wager crypto and receive more of it in return in still pretty solid. And slots are fun to many people.

Crypto Dice

Crypto dice, for its part, is a unique game. It is similar to the regular dice it’s based on, but there are obvious differences.

In this game, you essentially select a number on some scale. The usual scales are 1-100, 1-1000 & many others. Your goal is to predict whether the dice (basically a numbers generator) will produce a value higher or lower than what you picked. If the dice fall as you predicted, you’ll receive a reward.

The coefficients of your payoff depend on many things, such as the scale length, the number you picked & so forth. Generally, the riskier combination you choose, the greater your payoffs are going to be. It works the same as many other casino games, but dice is awesome because of the many factors you need to account for.

Crash Gamble

The crash gamble game is a sort of entertainment that many people in the crypto business would be familiar with. It essentially simulates a market situation, but is a lot more rapid and a lot more random. You enter the game by making a bet. After that, the graph on your screen will grow or decline.

Based on its movement, a coefficient related to your payoff will grow or fall proportionally. You can quit the game at any moment and take the current coefficient, obviously multiplying your bet. This multiplication can also produce a payoff smaller than your bet if the graph is currently lower than your opening position.

This is very similar to the crypto market, as intended. That being said, crash gamble games are more random. The change of course doesn’t depend on the calls made by market participants. It happens randomly, which creates an outstanding gambling environment.

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