The World’s Best Football Players: CR7 or Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi – these two names are no longer unfamiliar to any football fan around the world. The brilliance they bring to the field is not only based on exceptional technique, speed, and outstanding goal-scoring abilities, but also reflects their dedication and passion for this beautiful sport. These exceptional players have built their own legacies, leaving a profound mark in the history of world football.

Criteria for Evaluating the World’s Best Football Players

Assessing the world’s best football player is a challenging and intricate task, requiring careful consideration and multi-dimensional analysis by 789bet.

Technique and Football Skills

The technique and football skills of an exceptional player are often evaluated through ball control, accurate passing, speed, and movement on the field, as well as defensive skills and goal-scoring abilities. Outstanding players have the ability to use both feet proficiently and create unique plays. This includes the ability to dribble, withstand pressure from opponents, and deliver powerful and precise shots.

Performance in Crucial Matches

A player’s performance in decisive matches or important games is often considered a crucial factor in evaluation. The ability to shine and perform exceptionally well in important matches such as playoffs, major tournament finals, or significant derbies against rival teams signifies a player’s greatness.

Individual and Team Achievements

An exceptional player’s individual achievements are measured by the number of prestigious individual awards won, such as FIFA Ballon d’Or, European Golden Shoe, or UEFA Player of the Year. However, not only individual achievements but also a player’s contribution to their team is taken into account. The ability to make a difference and influence the team’s success in tournaments and win accolades with the team is an important factor.

Global Impact and Leadership

The impact of an exceptional player extends beyond the football field, reaching into society and the world of sports. Such players often serve as sources of inspiration for generations and possess leadership qualities within their team, motivating teammates in challenging situations. Positive influence in the community and a player’s leadership both on and off the field are important in evaluating an exceptional player.

Endurance and Perseverance

The endurance and dedication of a player throughout their career are also important evaluation factors. Exceptional players consistently appear and perform steadily over many seasons, maintaining their form and showing perseverance in the competitive and demanding football environment. Persistence and passion for this sport over an extended period often determine a player’s path to greatness.

Global Impact and Playing Style

An exceptional player usually has a significant influence on the international community, not just in their individuality but also in the way they play the game. A player’s style of play can become distinctive, create new trends, and influence the younger generation. Players with a unique and exciting style of play often have a major impact globally.

Continuous Development and Progress

Exceptional players constantly strive to improve themselves and enhance their skills. Commitment to learning, training, and developing techniques, physical abilities, as well as understanding tactics, is crucial. A truly exceptional player must maintain a spirit of progress, stay updated with new technologies, and find ways to enhance their performance to stay at the forefront in the world of football.

CR7 or Messi? Who is the Best Football Player?

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The debate over who the best football player is between Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) and Lionel Messi is a fiery topic and a frequent discussion in the football-loving community. Both are towering figures in the world of football, bringing along unique playing styles and tremendous individual achievements.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar, is known for his power, speed, and impressive goal-scoring abilities. He has had a diverse career with many top clubs, such as Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, and the Portuguese national team. CR7 has won five FIFA Ballon d’Or awards and numerous other individual accolades, while also bringing home many major titles with the teams he has played for.

Lionel Messi, the exceptional Argentine player, possesses extraordinary technique, speed, and agility on the field. He is an undeniable superstar with unmatched individual achievements, securing five FIFA Ballon d’Or awards and numerous other significant honors. Messi’s accomplishments with Barcelona and the Argentine national team have etched a historic chapter in football.

Deciding who is superior is a matter of personal opinion, with each fan basing their judgment on criteria and personal preferences. Whether it’s Messi or Ronaldo, what matters is that both have made football extraordinary and brought joy to millions of football enthusiasts worldwide.


In the world of football, the debate over who is the best player between Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) and Lionel Messi is an intense one. CR7 possesses power and speed, while Messi boasts extraordinary technique. Determining who excels more is a matter of personal opinion.

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