This video has reached 11.3 million and counting!

When American Football International’s Social Media Director Kaleb Leach posted the video of a football being thrust into the hands of unwitting passers by only to have a horde of football players bearing down on them, little did he know it would have this kind of impact.

So far the post has reached 11.3 million people on Facebook, and counting, it has been “liked” by 151,000 people and shared 78,000 times. It has received 8,200 comments!

“It’s the kind of video you can watch over and over and over without getting tired of it,” said Leach, who joined AFI this past summer.

Watching it, viewers are immediately engaged and the reactions of the folks handed the football are hilarious.

Although this type of video has been done before, for some reason this one has really caught on.

“I am stunned at how popular this has become. I am constantly searching for videos from all over the world that catch my eye, whether it be an amazing performance by a player, or a quirky situation related to the game of football, like this one, ” Leach said. “So we urge our readers to let us know about videos they think are worthy of publication.”

If you have an idea for a video worth posting, drop Kaleb a line at [email protected]

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