Thomas Fileccia Officially Signed to Paris Musketeers

The Paris Musketeers have announced the signing of yet another French player with the addition of outstanding offensive lineman Thomas Fileccia.

Fileccia spent last season as the Milano Seamen left tackle and had a mixed season. This year he will, potentially, be around a more skilled team where he can improve his ability and refine his potential.

The announcement of his signing comes on the heels of the news of the addition of fellow Frenchman and ELF Defensive Player of the Year. defensive back Maceo Beard.

Fileccia is not lacking in experience despite being only 24 years of age. Originally from Marseille, it is no surprise that he would suit up for the Marseille Blue Stars from 2017-2019, and again in 2022. During this gap, he succeeded in Finland with the United Newland Crusaders in 2019 and Kuopio Steelers in 2020 helping the Steelers win the Maple Bowl, Finland title game.

In 2021, he played for the Berlin Rebels in the German Football League before returning to the Blue Stars in 2022. He then spent the remainder of the 2022 making his European League of Football debut, as he was an impactful player on the Wroclaw Panthers offensive line. Unfortunately, the team finished with a 5-7 record and ultimately missed the playoffs. In 2023, the Seaman signed Fileccia as part of a strategy of loading the offensive line with European talent. Offensive coordinator Dan Dodd was a fan of his unique footwork style and brought him in as a cornerstone player. Now he lands back in France with the Paris Musketeers as a seasoned professional with European experience in France, Finland, and Germany with two seasons of ELF experience and a championship under his belt.

Playing style breakdown

Stylistically, Fileccia is a unique character. This was alluded to earlier, but his footwork stands out on tape very clearly, he has a long kick step, and his hands are very active from the very beginning of the snap. As a 6’4, 270 pound lineman, he is somewhat undersized as a tackle. This is more prevalent in his anchor ability when counteracting the bullrush where he can be pushed back by longer, stronger defensive ends. However, the bonus to this, is that he is often quick enough to get the defender around the edge if they attempt to use rip moves or simply beat him for speed. We have seen many times that he can finish these plays strongly because of his motor and technique. It could be argued that he was Milano’s second-best offensive lineman behind All-ELF selection Lewis Thomas, but he didn’t often get his flowers because the overall quality of Milano in 2023 was not high enough.

The impact for Paris on this signing is great, more homegrown talent to boost a struggling unit to protect their star player at quarterback. It has not been announced if quarterback Zach Edwards is re-signing as of now, but the commitment to building within the offensive line will be a massive priority for him as the most sacked player in ELF history. Fileccia will go a long way in the pitch to have the American back under center.