Three NFL Draft Day Trades We Need To See

Even though there aren’t any games being played, this is still an exciting time for NFL fans across the world. Free agency has come and gone in mid-March, but there are still ways for organizations to improve their situations heading into the 2023 season. One of those mechanisms comes through the NFL Draft, which is a defining moment for teams looking to add young talent or finalize bold moves to acquire veterans.

We only have to look back one year ago to find proof of this. The Philadelphia Eagles made a trajectory-altering transaction during the 2022 NFL Draft, acquiring wide receiver A.J. Brown from the Tennessee Titans. The Arizona Cardinals also made a big swing on draft night, acquiring wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown(no relation) from the Baltimore Ravens.

If this is any indication, the 2023 NFL Draft may feature some trades that will change the course of the league for the next couple of years. We have our eye on a couple of moves that fans need to see.

Aaron Rodgers To The New York Jets

The Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs have to be at the top of next year’s Super Bowl odds, considering that they both put on a show during the final game of the season in February. However, there are a few teams who would like to be included in that pantheon heading into 2023, and the New York Jets feel like they have a roster talented enough to make that leap. The only thing holding them back is a solid quarterback who can protect the football and get their playmakers involved.

The saga involving the Jets and the Green Bay Packers continues, as the future of legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers remains in the balance. The Hall Of Fame signal caller has already come out and said that he wants to play for the Jets, but a deal between the two franchises has yet to be finalized. It’s a pretty fascinating negotiation, considering that New York badly needs a competent starting quarterback, and the Packers would appear to not have leverage in this situation due to Rodgers’ comments.

There’s always a chance that this drags out into the summer, but the NFL Draft tends to help accelerate stalled trade talks that took place earlier in the offseason. This is because the time arrives to utilize draft capital and bring in young talent, and general managers may not want to wait another year to realize that opportunity. If Rodgers is dealt to the Jets during the draft, a power shift in the AFC may very well take place.

Lamar Jackson To The Washington Commanders

As much as Dolphins fans want to groan about Tyreek Hill’s comments regarding his planned retirement in 2025, the second biggest offseason storyline involves the future of Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson. The dual-threat player has had a scintillating start to his career no matter how anyone looks at it. He has a career 45-16 record, has brought home an NFL MVP award, and has put up some of the most productive statistics through the first five seasons of his NFL career.

Despite all this, it seems somewhat perplexing to those in NFL circles, and perhaps to Jackson himself, that no franchise is willing to back up the Brinks truck to approximate the contract that Cleveland Browns starter Deshaun Watson received. Many people think this is because of the scrambling style Jackson plays, which tends to put him at greater risk of injury. It’s as polarizing a situation as there’s been in the league in a long time.

However, the Washington Commanders should take a very long look at trying to bring Jackson in. Currently, they are set to start 2022 fifth round pick Sam Howell under center, with a roster that has a decent amount of talent. Jackson has already made significant inroads in the Beltway market, and would be well served staying there if the Commanders strike a deal.

Indianapolis Colts Acquire The Third Overall Pick

The Colts have tried to take the next step in the AFC for a few seasons, but have fallen short. Indianapolis has tried to bring in veteran quarterbacks since the sudden retirement of Andrew Luck, hoping that a steady hand would lead them deep into the postseason. That plan has not worked out, and the franchise is looking to come at the current season with a different approach.

They’re not going to pursue the retread route under center it would seem, which essentially places all their quarterback eggs into this year’s draft basket. Simply put, the team cannot afford to leave the draft without a promising prospect at the position. As a result, they made try to move up one spot in the draft, from the fourth overall pick to the third overall pick.

In some order, it would seem like the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans will select Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud, and the Colts need to be in position to snag whoever they like after that pair is off the board. It might be Will Levis from the University of Kentucky, or Anthony Richardson from the University of Florida. Regardless of who they have their sights set on, they cannot afford to have another team trade up to draft a quarterback ahead of them.

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