Three Players’ Story & How Poland Fell in Love With American Football

One studies, one works, and one runs his own business. But in their spare time they all play American football, a sport that has begun to electrify millions of Poles. Playing American Football. Today, Sebastian Krzysztofek, Marcin Bluma and Krzysztof Skrabacz cannot imagine a life without it, and this is shown in “Unstoppable”.

It’s late Sunday night in Poland. The Super Bowl is just about to start and only the strongest NFL fanatics are up to watch it. These obviously include Marcin Bluma, 29-year-old graduate student of sculpture and architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Gdynia Seahawks player.

Bluma is hearing impaired. In one ear he hears at 30 percent, in the other just 20. When someone is in immediate proximity he can hear verbal commands, but when he starts running toward the end zone he has only his learned instincts to serve him. Coach Maciej Cetnerowski spotted the talented Seahawks wide receiver and invited him to represent the Polish national team. There were doubts in his ability, but Bluma dispelled them with his passion.

Also with a spot in the Polish national team is the Seahawks Sebastian Krzysztofek, the second of the character’s in “Unstoppable.” He is a personal trainer in the fitness club and his world revolves around American football. First there were movies, then trip to Germany and it’s high-level professional league, and now for the past 9 years he’s been scoring touchdowns as a running back.

The popular ‘Bambo’, is the heart of the Seahawks team. He is a true professional, demanding from each other first and then the other. And although is aware that today one cannot make a living playing football in Poland, playing gives him a full heart.

The Seahawks 2014 season championship team is shown in the full-length documentary directed by Bartosza M. Kowalski. “Unstoppable” certainly would not be as exciting and enthralling if it lacked the third musketeer of the story, Krzysztofa Skrabacza. His hearty style and wit, is a real-life Porthos form the classic Alexander Dumas novel. Skrabacz, a defensive line player, commands respect on the field and in and in life. The big man has an intimidated presence, but at heart is sensitive man. Like many seeking athletic endeavors, football his second family.

The film “Unstoppable” doesn’t lack for heart-stopping scenes and tear-jerking moments. Similarly, such emotions are not difficult to find on the football field; one need only to open their eyes wider to reveal them.

John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.