Three popular American Football-themed slots being played in Canada

A true football fan will always be watching out for activities related to their favorite, just to keep their interest and energy alive, and when it comes to reliving their football fun, whenever they feel bored, some just try out the best of the online slots related to their famous sport.


In the past few years, online casinos in Canada have seen tremendous growth in popularity as they advertise the mobility of the platform which can be played anywhere convenient, and the simplicity of the games played a part in its popularity and favorite among all players. But before jumping into the online casino world, players should always keep in mind to check out the reviews of the sites available, customer support, mobile app support, and how secure its banking methods are. And before picking out one to play, you should check out the free spins and welcome bonuses for new customers. Some casinos offer no-deposit free spins which are considered the best way to take a step into the online casino world.


Every themed slot available in the casino world possesses a unique trait that makes it different from every other slot. Football slots always bring out the excitement of the game while giving displaying its superstars. And just like experiencing your team takes home the Super Bowl from their opponent, all the players need to do is relax and spin the reels for some exciting real money fun. In this article, we will be listing out few football-themed slots that have gained quite popularity among football fans and gamblers in Canada.


Field of Green by Real Time Gaming


The title of this slot is quite exciting to lure in players right? But not only is the title exciting, but it is also an amazing video slot that comes with a progressive jackpot. And if you don’t know what progressive slot means, it means with every spin a little portion will be significantly added to the huge prize just so the players can from just a single turn.


There is no reason not to love Field of Green as it comes with retro graphics to make you reminisce about your favorite football pitch. It is 5 reels, 20 pay-lines that feature several related symbols such as trophies, helmets, foam fingers, cheerleaders, a whistle, and a beer glass. Featuring the American football cultures, Field of Green comes with scatter, wild symbols, bonus rounds, and free spins.


The Field of Green slot is poplar in specially Gigadat casinos in Canada. In this guide about Gigadat casinos you will find all information you need about these types of casinos, which are winning popularity in Canada. Outside Canada these types of casinos don’t exist!


Pigskin Payout by Rival Gaming


Developed and designed by Rival Gaming Pigskin Payout is a slot game that delved into the world of cartoons as well as the famous American football. You get to see all football-related characters in symbols like wild cheerleaders, the referee, foam fingers, quarterback, and even nachos.


Pigskin Payout is considered one of the popular American football slot games. It is 5 reels and 20 pay-lines that come with free spins and wild plays. It is a great start for players who are looking to delve into the world of online casinos.\


End Zone Riches by Nucleus Gaming

End Zone Riches is one of the popular football-themed slot games being played in Canada. It is 5 reels, 25 pay-lines video slot packed with interesting features like the free spins round where symbols make the prizes double up. A football, helmet, whistle, stopwatch, and a yellow football accessory all are being used as symbols in this football-themed slot.


While there are probably tens of football-themed slots available to play on the internet, you should check these exciting ones first before delving deeper into that world.

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