Timothy Morovick signs as QB for Finland’s Helsinki Wolverines

The Helsinki Wolverines who finished third in Finland’s Maple League in 2019, have signed Timothy Morovick as their quarterback for the 2020 season.

Morovick (6’2″, 210 lb) joins the Wolverines after a tumultuous couple of years. After signing with the Aarhus Tigers in Denmark in 2019, he suffered a season-ending injury. He had played in Poland with the Wroclaw Panthers in 2017 and 2018 helping them win their second straight Polish title in 2017 while earning the league’s most valuable player award.  He left the team late in the 2018 season in a contract dispute. He spent the 2016 campaign with the Albershausen Crusaders in Germany. Morovick played for Ottawa University (Kansas, NAIA) but was not the first player from that school to play in Poland. He joined Clarence Anderson who played for the Warsaw Eagles in 2011 and Shane Gimzo who also played for the Eagles the following year, 2012.

American Football International asked Tim about his decision to sign with the Wolverines and his thoughts on playing in Europe.

AFI:  Congratulations on signing with the Wolverines. You have definitely had a tumultuous couple of years. How did you land with Helsinki?

Morovick: I have been following the Finnish league for a while now. It’s a very exciting league full of talent. When the Wolverines reached out to me it just felt like the right fit and gives me a chance to compete in one of the top leagues in Europe.

AFI:  Can you describe the ups and downs? You were finally signed by the Aarhus Tigers in Denmark after a contract dispute in Poland which almost stopped you. But then suffered a season-ending injury.

Morovick: The past couple years definitely have not been easy. I simply just chose to Keep the faith, keep my head down and Grind! I just trusted that good things would come from that.

AFI: The Wolverines finished the season on a low note, losing their last three games, including the playoffs. What do you bring to the team to get them over the hump?

Morovick: What I’m bringing to the Wolverines will be leadership, knowledge of the game and relentless effort to win games.

AFI: How much do you know about football in Finland and the Wolverines

Morovick:  I know quite a lot about the league in Finland. It’s a great league where anyone can be beaten on any given day. The Wolverines have a history of winning and I plan to continue that history.

AFI: This will be your 5th season playing in Europe. How has the experience changed your life?

Morovick: The experience playing in Europe has been amazing. I’m so glad I decided to do this and come play in Europe. I have made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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