Tom Brady set another record

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the reigning champions Los Angeles Rams in the last second. The star quarterback also set another record shortly before the Super Bowl bets and the NFL guest game in Munich.

Victory under his belt

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks are heading to the first NFL game in Germany with a win under their belts. The Buccaneers, led by superstar quarterback Tom Brady, scored a last-second TD to win 16-13 over the defending champion Los Angeles Rams.

Brady’s coach Todd Bowles commented: “We’ll see how many people can handle the opposition saying it’s not going to get any darker than this.”

Before the next match in Munich, the Seahawks have a better record of six wins and three losses, while the Buccaneers have four wins and five losses.

Not satisfied with the season

Brady won his fourth victory of the season thanks to an offensive series that began with 44 seconds left in the game and ended with a decisive touchdown. The 45-year-old player became the player who made the most such decisive interceptions in the history of the NFL – 55 times. Brady is also the first quarterback in the league to pass for over 100,000 yards, which equals 91,440 meters.

Before the game in Munich, the Buccaneers are in first place in the NFC South, but can’t be satisfied with their season. They are not in danger of qualifying for the playoffs only because their rivals Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers also do not have the best record.

Tom Brady at his best

Football star Tom Brady has set another record to the delight of Vulkan Bet fans. But this case is a good example of why records in American sports should not always be trusted. For the quarterback himself, it is still something else entirely.

Records in American sports are a thing of the past. Almost after every game day, new ones are announced. What value do they really have? This is a debatable question. The latest record set by football star Tom Brady, who on Monday night became the first quarterback to reach 100,000 passing yards, is a good example. After all, it shows that some records are best set when you just hold on to them long enough.

Lists of the best

Many of the most common ranking categories, not only in the National Football League (NFL), refer to career totals, they establish no connection, no classification by season. Such lists of records, of course, exist, but in recent years, when talking about players such as Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby (hockey) or LeBron James (basketball), it was often only about such indicators as:

  • touchdowns;
  • points;
  • number of appearances on the court.

The fact that the Pittsburgh Penguins (Crosby) and Los Angeles Lakers (James) are currently at the bottom of their respective leagues, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having a suboptimal season so far, seems secondary.

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