Top 10 NFL Stadiums According to the Rating of College Essay Writers

The National Football League is one of the most respected sports leagues in the entire world. This league has a long history and a great fan base, making it one of today’s most-watched sporting events. The NFL consists of 32 professional teams from all around North America, divided among two conferences – NFC and AFC – divided into four divisions each.

Each year there are about ten games that decide who will be playing for the Super Bowl at the end of the season. In terms of attendance figures, millions of people have been attending NFL games each year since 2014, with an average attendance per game being 66,151 throughout last season according to These games are hosted in some of the best and largest stadiums in North America, and we decided to make a list of 10 such stadiums which any NFL fan should experience.

Top NFL Stadiums to Experience

  1. Soldier Field, Chicago Bears

The home stadium of the Chicago Bears or also known as ‘Soldier field,’ is considered by many to be one of the most intimidating stadiums for opposition teams, with picturesque lake views in the background and a thunderous crowd that knows how to create a great atmosphere. Multiple renovations have been done on this famous stadium, which has seen its capacity rise to 61,500 thousand seats, all to accommodate more fans who wish to attend games at this iconic venue.  Essay service online and paper writing services believe that this helps keep everything cooler while still ensuring great noise inside the stadium.

  1. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Chiefs

Home to the very successful franchise of Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium has been an ever-present and influential part of the winning history of this team that has given its name to this stadium. It was opened in 1972, and it can hold 76,416 people at any given time, with every seat offering a great view on the pitch. The ‘Sea of Red,’ as it is known by fans and thesis help experts online for their red jerseys and attire during games, also offers one of the loudest roars coming from a crowd which can be heard all around this massive arena when they get really emotional – something you wouldn’t want if your side is playing against them.

  1. Empower Field at Mile High, Denver Broncos

Formerly known as ‘Invesco Field at Mile High, and Sports Authority Field at Mile High among other names, this stadium is the home of the Denver Broncos, one of the most successful NFL franchises in history. This venue opened up in 2001 and can hold 76,125 people, with every seat offering a good view of the pitch. It also has a unique shape, being more of an oval than any other football stadium out there, which makes it look even more special for fans who regularly attend games here.

  1. Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers

Lambeau Field is the home of the Green Bay Packers, and it has been their home ever since 1957, when it was first built. This stadium may seem relatively small at first sight as it can hold up to 81,441 people, but thanks to its special field dimension, those 81 thousand fans perfectly fill this stadium and create one of the best NFL atmospheres out there. Its wooden benches give a rather historic feel to the entire venue, which also features a museum dedicated to Vince Lombardi, one of their most successful coaches who led them during their first Super Bowl win back in 1967.

  1. First Energy Stadium, Cleveland Browns

First Energy Stadium is the home of the Cleveland Browns, which used to be a part of the AFL but joined the NFL in 1950. It has been their home ever since, and it can hold 67,895 people at full capacity with every seat offering a fantastic view on the pitch. This stadium might not gain too much media coverage or even attention from fans outside the state of Ohio due to their lack of success throughout the years, but it still is a fantastic venue where players and fans alike enjoy spending their time.

  1. Arizona Stadium, Arizona Cardinals

Formerly known as Sun Devil Stadium, this stadium has such a rich history as the venue for World Series and a Cricket World Cup. The Arizona stadium can seat up to 57,400 people. It has been expanded during the last few years, just like most other NFL stadiums and the unique design of the roof allows for great acoustics, so the fans are able to make more noise than they would be able to in most other stadiums.

  1. Georgia Dome, Atlanta Falcons

This venue is the home of the NFL franchise known as Atlanta Falcons. It’s capable of holding 71,228 people, with every seat offering a great view of the action on the pitch. This, along with its retractable roof that has made some amazing noise during NFL games, makes it one of the best stadiums in America and certainly among the best NFL stadiums. Even though this stadium is almost 30 years old, it was just recently renovated.

  1. Centurylink Field, Seattle Seahawks

Currently known as Lumen Field, it’s the home of the Seattle Seahawks NFL franchise. This stadium can hold up to 72, 000 people at full capacity, with every seat offering an amazing view on the pitch due to its steep design, which makes it look more like a typical European venue. It’s been the home of the Seattle Seahawks ever since they joined NFL, and it has also hosted several big events.

  1. AT&T Stadium, Dallas Cowboys

Made out of steel and glass, AT&T Stadium has been home to Dallas Cowboys since 2009 when they moved from Texas Stadium. This venue might not look like much on the outside, but it’s the inside that counts, and this is where you’ll find things looking far more impressive than what you would expect from a typical stadium. It’s made in a way that it can seat 80, 000 people at total capacity. The roof is retractable, so it allows for natural sunlight during games.

  1. Caesars Superdome, New Orleans Saints

This is the home of the New Orleans Saints NFL franchise, and it had served as their stadium since 1975 when they were established in this city. It’s capable of seating 74,295 people at total capacity. The stadium is also capable of hosting basketball and has also hosted several big events such as NCAA Final Four, Sugar Bowl, and even Wrestlemania, so it’s definitely one of the best NFL stadiums there are.

Final Thoughts

Even though some of these NFL stadiums have been around for decades, they still remain among the best venues there are. They aren’t among the oldest as some of them were built a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re all remarkable examples of how you should build your stadium if you want to make sure your fans will have a memorable experience.

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