Top 4 American Football Games to Enjoy in the Offseason

In the biggest league of American football, the season came to an explosive end. The New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, with the win for the Eagles coming as quite the shock to many American football fans. But, it’s these kinds of upsets that help to make the sport so popular inside and outside of the USA.

Now, with the NFL regular season over, fans are looking to get their American football fix elsewhere. American football isn’t easily accessible and playable for many outside of the USA, and indeed to some inside of the country. So, people seek to get their hands on some American football action via other games.

The Madden 18 video game has continued to be a popular one, but there is another genre of American football game that has proven to incredibly popular among fans.

The online casino scene has grown exponentially over the last decade, and now there are games to suit everyone’s favourite themes. Be it a certain film, a certain style of slot game, or a certain sport; there are slot games for everyone at online casinos these days. In fact, many of the most popular pokies games are sports themed, including some in an American football theme.

Most popular sports slots

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Because the country where American football is by far the most popular, the USA, is not allowed to participate in online gambling, the American football games rarely manage to poke into the most popular sports pokies section.

Football, or soccer, is the most popular sport in the world so, as you would assume, the soccer pokies games are among the most popular online. There’s Champion’s Goal, Football Star, Shoot!, Soccer Safari, and Bicicleta, which have all garnered a big following.

Other sports like ice hockey, basketball, tennis, and baseball are also well represented by very popular slot games, such as Break Away Basketball Star, Centre Court, and Hot Shot. But, we all want the action and adrenaline provided by the biggest online pokies games that are in the theme of American football.

The best American football slots

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Starting off with the fourth-best American football slot game. Pigskin Payout sets you in the middle of a college football game alongside the players, referee, crocodile mascot and, of course, the cheerleaders. Filled with American football symbols, this game also features can’t lose spins as a bonus.

Third on the list is Game Day. This slot is all about American football and incorporates its unique play style to its bonus features. On the reels, you’ll meet field goals, whistles, quarterbacks, running back situations, and the coin toss. In the bonus game, you’ll be set on an eight-section field for you to make your way across by making successful passes.

Second place, coming very close to the top spot, is Football Frenzy. With seven reels and 50 paylines, this game is as big as the Super Bowl. What makes Football Frenzy special is its feature. You start on your own 30-yard line and pick one of eight plays. The plays then result in yards, and you simply need to collect first downs to get a bonus.

The greatest of all American football slots, however, is 4th & Goal. Filled with American football symbols, the feature of this game is pure football. You get to select your play options which come with ratings as to the volatility of each play. Score touchdowns to progress through the levels and win prizes.

Of all the American football slots, 4th & Goal is the best pokie for fans of the sport. But, there are plenty of other sports-themed games to indulge in as well.

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