Top 5 All-Time Rivalries in the NFL

Football is not just a game, it’s a culture that brings fans together, and nothing fuels that culture more than rivalries. The heated matchups between two teams, both on and off the field, create intense emotions that are passed down from generation to generation. 

There are countless rivalries in the National Football League (NFL), but some stand out above the rest. In this post, we’ll look at the top five all-time rivalries in the NFL. These rivalries have withstood the test of time and continue to be some of the most intense and entertaining games to watch. And if you’re interested in Football Betting, these are the games that will offer the most thrilling gambling opportunities! 

Get ready to dive into the history, memorable moments and current state of these legendary rivalries. 

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Rivalries don’t get fiercer or more physical than that between the Steelers and the Ravens – these two AFC North rivals have been battling it out since the Ravens’ inception in 1996. Both teams’ dominant defenses and hard-hitting style of play only intensify the rivalry to new heights. 

Some of the most memorable games between these two teams include the 2009 AFC Championship game, in which the Steelers won with a 23-14 victory, or the 2015 AFC Wild Card Game, where the Ravens claimed an impressive 30-17 win. 

The rivalry has only grown over the years, and the teams still face each other twice a year in some of the most anticipated matchups of the season. While the 2023 season schedule isn’t yet available at the time of writing, one thing is certain – we can’t wait to see these two teams come head-to-head again soon! 

2. The Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Commanders

This NFC East rivalry is among the oldest and most storied in the NFL. The Cowboys and the Commanders have been facing off since 1960 – decades before the Steelers and Ravens first met. 

The rivalry is fueled by the fact that both teams are located in cities with strong football traditions and passionate fan bases, so you can imagine how heated things get on game days! The games between these two teams are often high-scoring and filled with drama, with some of the most memorable moments in NFL history taking place during meetings between these two teams. 

Although the teams have met over 125 times, we’ll never tire of watching them battle it out on the gridiron. 

3. The Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

The oldest rivalry in the NFL, the Packers and the Bears have faced each other a massive 206 times so far, with the Packers leading the series 105-95-6. The teams first came face-to-face over 100 years ago in November 1921, when the Bears (then known as the Staleys) came out on top with a score of 20-0.

Some of the most memorable moments in NFL history have taken place during Packers vs. Bears games, including the “Ice Bowl” game in 1967, which was played in -13°F weather. Another memorable moment was the 2010 NFC Championship game, in which the Packers defeated the Bears 21-14 to advance to the Super Bowl (which they also later won).

4. The New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

This AFC East rivalry dates back to the 1960s and has only grown in intensity over the years. The Patriots and Jets have faced each other a total of 128 times, with the Patriots leading the series 75-54-1. Several factors have contributed to this rivalry, including the geographic proximity of the two teams, their histories of success and their frequent heated matchups on the field. 

One of the most iconic Patriots vs. Jets games was the “Butt Fumble” on Thanksgiving 2012 – which is now seen as the worst point of the Jets’ 2012 season. 

Despite the Patriots’ recent dominance in the series, this rivalry is still one of the most intense in the NFL and continues to be a must-watch pairing each season.

5. The San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers vs. Seahawks rivalry might be much more recent than some of the others on our list, but that doesn’t make it any less worth watching. Although the teams first met in the 70s, they didn’t really become rivals until the 2000s – mainly in 2002 when the Seahawks joined the 49ers in NFC West.

The rivalry really took off a few years later, in 2011, when the Seahawks hired Pete Carroll as head coach and began to build a young and talented team. Since then, the two teams have faced off in a number of memorable games, including the 2013 NFC Championship game, which the Seahawks won 23-17. 

Today, the 49ers vs. Seahawks matchups are known for their hard-hitting and physical style of play, with each team fighting tooth and nail to come out on top. This is one of the most exciting and competitive rivalries in the NFL, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In the upcoming 2023 season, this might just be the one rivalry we’re most looking forward to watching! 

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