Top 5 ELF mid-season signings: Players with the biggest impact in a short space of time

There has been an extremely high rate of turnover in the European League of Football this season due to injuries, coaching decisions, performance and many more reasons.

It is still a very young league so that is to be expected. Today we will look at the Top 5 in-season signings. To qualify for this, the players must have not started the league with the team they are currently playing for. In simple terms, they were signed mid-season.

Let’s begin.

Devan Burrell, DL/KR – Milano Seamen – Debut in Week 8

Photo: Sergio Bisi

Although he started with the Leipzig Kings and had great success, it didn’t last in Germany due to the team’s folding. The result of this was Burrell signing with the Milano Seamen. The first touch of his Milano season was a touchdown from kick-off, later in the game he secured an interception late in the 4th quarter.

What more could you ask of a signing? He then did it again against the Surge in his next game. Burrell has over 1,000 yards in his punt and kick returns, and 506 of those yards have been with Milano. If that doesn’t drop your jaw and make you check the stats, then nothing will.

Slade Jarman, QB – Berlin Thunder – Debut in Week 5

Photo: Eric Muehle

Jarman had all the weapons at his disposal as soon as he came into Berlin. This is a double edged sword. If he performed well then, he could lead a playoff push for the Thunder, if he didn’t then he
would be subject to a lot of criticism. Luckily for everyone, except the opposition, he stepped into the offense very comfortably and although his performance has declined over the last few weeks, he is deserving of a spot on this list. Five touchdowns in his debut against the Kings, and six on the Enthroners. It could be argued that these are the worst teams in the league and when he played the Vikings and Panthers, he didn’t keep that level of play, but a 14-5 rate is solid, and he’s put the Thunder on track for the playoffs.

Phileas Pasqualini, RB – Stuttgart Surge – Debut in Week 6


The former All-Star returned to the ELF this season late with the Surge. He was immediately effective but in his third game in week 8 he made his presence known with 142 total yards and three scores on the Dragon’s defense en route to a comfortable win. A total of 252 yards and four touchdowns in four games means he has been a good contribution to the team, especially with the QB rotation that the Surge has had during his short time there. He saw a dip in his recent game, but over the course of his time, he was successful in bridging the gap from the QB injuries.

Keanu Ebanks, OL – Paris Musketeers – Debut in Week 4

Photo: Justin Derondeau

It is incredibly hard to judge the impact of a single offensive line on the overall unit. Having said thaeighthwatch the first games of the Paris season and the difference when Keanu is checked in. Paris is fifth in total offensive yards and 8th in offensive touchdowns which is a stark contrast from the negative start to the season. His impact is best exemplified by quarterback Zach Edwards who was sacked 44 times in the first three weeks and 16 in the following six. Paris has had zero 100-yard rushing performances this season by an individual, but the rushing numbers have also steadily increased throughout the rotation. Still certainly not an elite-level line but he’s been an important addition.

William Patterson, WR – Rhein Fire – Debut in Week 7

The Rhein Fire reloaded with the signing of Patterson following the injury to wide receiver Nathanial Robitaille. In his debut game, he had 110 yards and a touchdown, and if you add in 16 yards on punt return then you have reason to call it a strong showing for his first ELF performance. Following into his second week he had a quiet day on the receiving side of the game with only 17 yards but showed off his prowess as a returner with 177 yards and a touchdown. To have these numbers in his first two games for the team is an excellent start and with quarterback Jadrian Clarke on an uncatchable MVP run he could see himself with very solid numbers even if he plays half the year.

Some players have played only one or two games as emergency players. Quarterbacks in particular have been signed nearly every week due to injuries. The Wroclaw Panthers, Tirol Raiders, Prague Lions, Frankfurt Galaxy, Feherbar Enthroners, Berlin Thunder, Cologne Centurions, Hamburg Sea Devils and Stuttgart Surge all had multiple signal callers so far.

Until next time.