Top 5 unsigned Europeans in the European League of Football

Many European players have been signed in 2023 ready for the 2024 European League of Football season.

However, there are a number of standout players from last season who have yet to re-sign or find new homes. Today we will look at five players who were among the very best in their positions but who remain free agents.

These players are extremely likely to play somewhere but are thinking through their options for the upcoming year.

Let’s get straight into it.

Dawid Brzozowski – Running Back

Photo: Fabio Castelvetri.

The 2023 Homegrown Player of the Year had a huge breakout last season and was expected to be a stable of the ELF for years to come. The Wroclaw Panthers’ signing of Gennadiy Adams has left some questions about where Brzozowski fits into this equation. Either they’ll be running with two backs in 2024 to support quarterback Steven Duncan, Matt Cole, Adira Bottela Moreno, and Jakub Mazen in the passing game or he could be wearing a different uniform. Brzozowski was the ELF’s leading rusher last season with 1,116 yards on the ground. And the emphasis on European backfields may see him become one of the most pursued players of the off-season. Whether the Panthers re-sign him, or he takes his talents elsewhere, he could make a team an instant contender.

Tomiwa Oyewo – Running Back

Photo: Fabio Castelvetri.

From one top running back to the next, Oyewo rushed for 1,102 yards last season, good for second behind Brzozowski and he was the best receiver out of the backfield. Anyone who watched Oyewo when he played for the Allgäu Comets in the German Football League knew he would be an instant star in the ELF, and he lived up to the expectations put on him. His hype went through the roof following his Munich campaign, but he remains unsigned. Like Brzozowski, Oyewo is a young, durable, and reliable back who can be a key cog on a championship team. Munich lost wide receiver Markell Castle in the receiving game but has an improved offensive line for Oyewo to run behind potentially. If that is not the case, he will be able to turn a contender to a championship team just via his production.

Goran Zec – Safety

The Stuttgart Surge recently announced that Goran Zec has departed from the franchise. This was quite a surprise as Zec is, in my opinion, the best European defensive back in the European League of Football. The three-time all-star is one of the very few to hold the distinction of being an all-star for every year of the league’s existence. He would be a welcome addition to practically every single team in Europe. He’s versatile between playing in the box, as a single high or as a dual-safety system. The defense has been behind the offense in the first few years of the league, but if Zec can land on the right team, he could be an excellent piece to build around.

Theodor Landström – Wide Receiver

Photo: @ericribe_fotografia

Landström was a breakout player for the Barcelona Dragons at the start of the 2023 season. His production dropped in the latter half of the season with the departure of certain players, injuries, and declining form from the Catalan franchise. However, regardless of this decline, Landström proved he could be a great complementary receiver in a scheme that utilizes the deep ball. He was one of the premier deep threats in Europe but was somewhat underused through the season. He has yet to re-sign with the Dragons, but a team like Frankfurt, Munich or Milano, who are not afraid to take deep risks, could see a dividend from his skill set.

Sasan Jelvani – Linebacker

Sasan Jelvani was one of the underrated pieces of a championship-contending Stuttgart Surge roster. The linebacker can play all over the defense, outside linebacker, nickel and as a pass rush option off the edge. His lengthy frame and versatility mean that he can be an X-Factor on the defensive, a huge difference for any team as the offenses continue to take control of Europe. He is favored to re-sign with Surge as they see his value to the club and also it’s an opportunity for him to continue playing with his brother which is a massive bonus. However, if a team can pry him out of Stuttgart, it would be a serious loss for the Surge and a huge gain for a potential rival.

In summary

All of these athletes proved themselves to be fantastic Europeans who can be involved in the core of a franchise in 2024. Teams win with their European players, and with a solid base, any team can go from one of the worst to one of the best. We saw this with Stuttgart last season. What team will be the surprise turnaround in 2024? Only time will tell!

Until next time.