Top 7 Coolest NFL Uniforms

Admittedly, the way football players look in their uniforms should not be the most crucial aspect of a football team. The way players perform on the field and work in unison deliver results is what we really need in a team. But on the other hand, we all want our heroes to look the part when they appear before cameras. Unsightly gear can have a negative impact on fans and players alike. Also, when fans buy the uniforms of their favorite players, they also want to look their best. So, here are some of the best looking NFL uniforms for 2020.

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#7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In 2020, the Buccaneers have returned to a set of uniforms worn before 2014. These are simple jerseys that are either red or white for home and aways sets, and a pewter alternate set. These go with white, pewter, or pewter-and-white pants. The helmets are pewter with large logos on the side. These eye-catching and bold combinations are killing.

#6 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders like to keep things simple, and this really works for them. These uniforms use a combination of black, silver, and white for an overall clean appearance. They have an excellent logo that makes all the difference on helmets that are silver with a black stripe. The silver numbers look great on white or black jerseys.

#5 Minnesota Vikings

This purple uniform is a bit of a difference from the norm, also featuring white and gold. The helmets have beautiful matte horns, but the black facemask is slightly underwhelming. The striping on the white pants is especially noticeable, and the purple and gold alternate set is a powerful combination.

#4 New Orleans Saints

The black and gold combination works well for the Saints, along with a gold helmet and a central, white-and-black striping. But what really looks great on the New Orleans team are the Color Rush uniforms, which is an all-white look with impressive black-and-gold striping. This is a great look, though it is unfortunate the usual uniforms do not have the same appeal.

#3 Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys make a powerful brand with an iconic name and a great uniform. The different sets feature white and blue, with silver pants for the away set and an all-white color rush for the alternate home set. The silver helmet with a navy star helps to set the team apart from the rest.

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers

The black and gold colors work well for the Steel City, with a reminiscent logo of a well-known industry symbol. The Steelers are the only team to use a logo on one side of the helmets. The all-black Color Rush that was taken on in 2016 is also a nice occasional variation. Otherwise, black and gold is a winning combo.

#1 Los Angeles Chargers

The chargers moved back to L.A. (their original home city) from San Diego in 2017. Things started picking up for the team, then they rebranded. The new uniform has been hugely successful. It features powder blue and yellow, with a lightning bolt that has been altered slightly. Jersey numbers are used on the helmets, and the facemasks are gold. The combinations are fantastic, and the look is fresh.

Of course, we care more about the play, but it’s always good to see your team in fantastic uniforms. When everyone has that winning look, then great things are sure to follow.

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