Top 8 Quarterbacks of All Time

The quarterback might be the toughest position in football. A QB has to be able to handle the pressure and responsibility, while still shooting for the top scores, Super Bowl successes, and season records. Whether they’re known for their amazing arm abilities, Super Bowl wins or for revolutionizing gameplay, each top quarterback in our ultimate 8 has earned their place on the list.

  1. John Elway

One of our favorite quarterbacks, Elway earned his place in our top 8 by being both a two-time Super Bowl champion (1997, 1998) and AFL Offensive Player of the Year. Elway still holds the title of the best quarterback in NFL history for scoring a rushing touchdown in four individual Super Bowls. And how can we forget his four memorable clutch comebacks in the fourth quarter?

  1. Aaron Rodgers

The first to hit 300 touchdowns with under 100 interceptions, Rodgers is heading towards 340 touchdowns with fewer than 81 interceptions, an untouched record. He also ranks in the top 15 of the strongest arms in the NFL, with his nearly 8 yards per pass average. When you compare Green Bay post-Rodgers you can certainly see why he ranks in the ultimate 8.

  1. Brett Favre

Brett ‘The Gunslinger’ Favre tied with Peyton Manning for the most-all time victories, scoring over 500 touchdowns, winning the Super Bowl XXXI with Green Bay and playing in the NFL until his 40s. The Iron Man started nearly 300 games at just under 20 seasons, making him one of the most durable all-time QBs. Over 71,000 yards of play shows how much of a machine he is.

  1. Dan Marino

Proof you don’t have to win the Super Bowl to be great, Marino held the title of quickest release passer in NFL history. He held top passing yards through ‘85, ‘86, ‘88 and ‘92, and by the time he retired he held pretty much every top stat and title going. Reaching postseason in 10 out of 17 seasons of play, Marino definitely deserves his spot in the top 5. His stats were also leagues ahead of the competition as well, as shown by his 1986 title of 44 scoring passes when the next best was 25.

  1. Johnny Unitas

Holding the top spot for consecutive games with a touchdown pass for over 50 years, Unitas reformed the fourth-quarter comeback into the organized drill we see today. Three-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl V champion and two-time NFL champion, Unitas revolutionized defense with strategy and still called his own play when other teams deferred to their coach. In fact, he was leading his team to consistent championship success by as little as his third season.

  1. Peyton Manning

Two-time Super Bowl champion and five-time MVP winner, Manning holds the top title for passing touchdowns and is in the top two for passing yards. The titles speak for themselves, but these on their own played second fiddle to his highest asset: his brain. The pressure is on for future QBs to beat Manning’s innovation and strategy against opposing defenses, calling plays at a time where even the best quarterbacks no longer did so.

  1. Joe Montana

Joe Cool and calm under pressure, Montana constantly delivered, as shown by his four Super Bowl wins and three Super Bowl MVPs. But as always his second-place spot is about more than his Super Bowl victories. Constantly delivering both during and post-season, Montana was the clutch comeback king, leading his team to a fourth-quarter win in Super Bowl XXIII. A team-player, Montana elevated the entire team to success and victory.

  1. Tom Brady

The best of the best quarterbacks, six-time Super Bowl champion, two-time NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year, and all with over 456 touchdowns, Brady hits the top spot in every way imaginable. Smart, with a coolness to rival Montana, Brady has supported and delivered his team to success in every element, from strategy to accuracy. Bradys consistent winning has seen him appear in no less than 8 consecutive conference championship gameplays. His innovative training nutrition and health regime will see him and his proteges playing well into their 40s.

If you think your team’s top quarterback could lead them to victory throughout the season, check out how to bet with the full NFL 101. The best quarterbacks of all time are those which have the records, football IQ and stamina to transform gameplay and lead their teams to victory.

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