Top Contenders to Win the NFL Next Season

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports event in the US. Not only do people speculate who is going to win, but who will perform during the opening. People all over the world who don’t follow American Football love to watch the Super Bowl, because it has amazing concerts. For over 2 decades now we had an amazing artist perform at these events, and the audience can hardly wait for 2023 to see who will be playing. However, the true excitement is always in the game, and speculating who will take the cup back home. The LA Rams came on top in 2022, but no king rules forever. So, let’s see who are the top contenders for the next season.

Los Angeles Rams

Although they are current champions and people rarely expect the same team to take two titles in a row, the Rams are likely to be the best in the west division. They still have to contend with the 49ers, but many speculate that the LA Rams will come on top. Moreover,  Cooper Kupp stated that he aims to fine-tune and polish his performance even more for the upcoming year. The Seahawks are still behind these two teams, and it’s difficult to imagine that there will be drastic changes in the coming year. As far as the current odds go in the sportsbook Rams are at +1200. These aren’t the best odds but are in the top 5.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It would have been easy to ignore the Buccaneers for the upcoming year if Brady stuck to his retirement statement. However, he is not ready to throw in the towel just yet and he will be playing in 2023. Other NFC South teams like the Panthers and Falcons aren’t in a particularly good position. The odds of the Buccaneers winning 2023 are more than decent, they are at +800. So, if you wish to bet right away, maybe it would be good to start making accounts on the fastest withdrawal online casino sites that have sports betting options. This way you can place your wager, and even use bonuses to play other casino games while you wait. However, the next Super Bowl is still far away, so who knows how things will shake up going forward.

Buffalo Bills

Although the team faced lots of obstacles, it would seem that Josh Allen managed to put the team in the leading spot. Buffalos are champions of AFC East, and much of their success is thanks to Tim Settle and Rodger Saffold. These changes make fans feel extremely optimistic. So much so in fact that the Bills are current favorites for winning Super Bowl 2023. That being said it will be difficult to come on top against the Dolphins and Patriots.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs also have high odds for the Super Bowl 23, but it’s still too early to speculate what will happen next year. Both Raiders and Broncos have new coaches, and Denver also added Russel Wilson to their team. These are all important changes, and they will definitely have a huge impact on the upcoming season. We should also remember that the Chargers have a rising star on their team, who is perhaps the best quarterback among the young players. With all that in mind, it’s really difficult to say who will actually be the AFC champion of the West.

Green Bay Packers

Everyone is really confident in the Packers winning the NFC North race. This is mainly because Aaron Rodgers confirmed he will return to this team for the upcoming 4 seasons. That being said, the Vikings do have a new head coach and a new general manager. So, they are a wild card for an upcoming season. The same applies to the Chicago Bears, who turned a completely new page, and are under a brand new regime.


These were some of the top contenders for the next NFL season. As always, it’s fun to make these predictions ahead of time, but that makes them highly unreliable. 49ers, Vikings, and Eagles are regarded as wild cards so if you wish to make interesting bets, maybe you should go with those options. The only thing that is guaranteed is a spectacular showdown.


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