Top Gamblers’ Superstitions

As prepared as you are, as good as you are, you can hardly win at any casino game without at least a bit of luck. But gamblers all over the world are determinant to influence their luck and not leave everything to chance. Hence, superstitions are born. 

Of course, superstitions are not just the thing of betting. For example, athletes are notoriously famous for their rituals constructed with the idea those will secure their win. Wherever luck might be needed, some kind of superstition can be found. 

Nevertheless, gamblers’ superstitions might be the most interesting and creative ones. From the individual, like wearing your lucky pair of socks that always help you win at roulette, to international ones, there is something for everyone who wants to try and get Lady Luck’s attention. Here is the list of our favorites for you to choose from.

Cross your fingers but do not cross your legs 

Fingers crossed is a way of sending positive thoughts and helping someone, or yourself, achieve something. Or so it is believed. No wonder, therefore, that this custom found its way to the rituals of gamblers. Keeping fingers crossed while the roulette is spinning or after pulling the slot ledge is very common, especially among online casino players. 

On the other hand, having your legs crossed is not something you want, especially while trying to win at a roulette table. It is not certain how this superstition originated. Maybe a famous gambler lost this way. Maybe crossing your legs makes you too relaxed, and that is something you do not want to be while gambling. Whatever the reason, this is a very popular tradition. 

Coin rituals to win at slots, dice for roulette 

Somehow it makes sense that the coin is the one who decides your chances to win at the so-called one-armed bandit. Blowing at the coin, making it cold, or making it warm are just some of the examples of things that can be done to coins to make sure one wins at slots. There are, of course, many tricks to winning on slot machines that have nothing to do with luck, but most people still prefer to try these practices that seemed to be all about some higher powers. 

Similar to blowing at coins, there is also a belief that blowing at the dice while playing at the roulette table might mean you will win. Some players even ask observers in casinos to do it for them and bring them good luck. This might be one of the superstitions most often seen in movies. 

Some numbers are luckier than others 

When it comes to numbers, some are generally seen as unlucky. In most western cultures, it is 13, while in China, for example, it is the number four. These are often avoided by players, both in life and at the craps table. 

When it comes to lucky numbers, many cultures attribute magical characteristics to the number seven, thinking it will bring good luck. Other than seven, gamblers like to make this more personal and often seem to have a lucky number that made them a fortune many times. 

Check your palms for luck 

Sweaty palms in a casino can be a sign of nerves getting the best of you, but they can also be part of a celebratory rush after you win. In some cultures, however, the state of your palms can help you predict money gain and loss. According to this Serbian tradition, if your left palm itches, you are about to win some money. So you might as well try your luck betting. But, if the right one itches you, you are about to lose some, so make sure you stay away from gambling at least. 

Your significant other does not love you? Then Lady Luck does

Perhaps created as a way to soothe someone’s pain after the loss of great love, there is a superstition according to which if your loved one left you or you are unhappy in love for a long time, you might want to try a game of poker. Your luck may expect you there since it left you at the table of love. This tradition is famous in Germany, but in many other countries as well. 

To conclude 

Superstitions are quite interesting and, while we cannot be sure if they work on some higher power level, they can help players have confidence and believe in themselves. This can sometimes be equally important as being lucky. One should make sure these rituals do not influence them too much, both while gambling and in life in general.

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