Italy: Newly promoted Torino Giaguari announce four splash signings

Newly promoted to Italy’s highest level of competition, the Torino Giaguari have announced the signing of four former European League of Football (ELF) players.

The Giaguari have not played in the IFL, Italy’s top division, since 2019. They have now however made their intentions known by signing a number of active Milano Seamen whose season in the ELF does not kick off until after the conclusion of the domestic league.

Félix Kelassah Proulx – defensive back

Is the only player not to have previously played for the Milano Seaman. Proulx made a name for himself back in 2021 after winning the Italian Bowl with the Parma Panthers under head coach Marc Mattioli. 

Proulx followed Mattioli to Paris last year with the Musketeers where he totaled 31 tackles, one interception, three pass breakups, and one forced fumble in 11 games.

Enzo Mensah – linebacker

Was one of the most sought after linebackers in the ELF in 2021. After dominating the Italian league and an invitation to the NFL IPP Combine, he was signed by the Vienna Vikings. Injuries have significantly hampered his career over the last two years but his ceiling is still undoubtedly high. A warmup season in the IFL with the Giaguari, just a stone’s throw away from his hometown of Milan may be all the young linebacker needs to get back to his former level.

Nicholas Dalmasso – quarterback

Despite being the backup quarterback behind Luke Zahradka for the Seamen last year, Dalmasso is a Giaguari man through and through. His decision to test himself in the ELF last year was undoubtedly a desire to experience something bigger than domestic football. 

After throwing a handful of passes and a touchdown in the ELF, Dalmasso will now be returning to his hometown team in Torino and provide the team with some much needed depth if they opt for an American quarterback.

Andrea Serra – wide receiver

Serra played in the last year with the Seamen at just 20-years old. Prior to that, Serra spent time with the Giaguari and even the New Yorker Lions in the GFL. His large frame reeled in 13 catched for 141 yards and a touchdown last season.

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.