Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Players In The NFL’s Super Bowl?

In the buildup to the Super Bowl LVII, there has been much speculation and hype about the game, and who may win; the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs

Amidst all the buzz of the Super Bowl, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club have released a video featuring well-known and established players like Spurs captain Hugo Lloris, Davinson Sanchez, Matt Doherty, and Heung Min Son experimenting with a different football. The game, all about the NFL, asked them how they would fare in the American sport based on their personality on and off the pitch. In this fun 3-minute video, the players face off in multiple rounds of games to decide the overall winner.

In the first round of Betway’s ‘NFL or Premier League?’ game, the players had to name a teammate for each scenario and attempt to match answers with their partner.  Upon being asked “who is most likely to return a punt for a touchdown?”

Son and Doherty both said Spurs forward Lucas Moura, giving them the point for reaching the same conclusion. The reasoning behind this was because of Lucas’ fast pace and agility, perfect skills for the NFL, especially as a wide receiver. After a tense first-round, Lloris and Sanchez found their way back into the game, drawing level by the end of the first round. 

In the second round, players had to attempt to choose a teammate who they see fit to play in each NFL position. Son reckons his record-breaking partner Harry Kane, who had recently become Spurs’ all time goalscorer with 268 goals and counting would be perfect for the coveted quarterback role. Kane’s elite shooting is also accompanied with his high calibre passing and vision, which Son also outlines in his explanations. Kane’s ability for dropping back and throwing fantastic passes over the opposition’s defense is almost Brady-like, making the choice nearly undeniable right? 

Clearly, the choice isn’t as obvious as it seemed, as Matt Doherty picked Hugo Lloris as their quarterback. Lloris’ ball handling and skills with the soccer ball are undeniable, but it could be argued that he would be a better wide-receiver due to his incredible catching ability. Son and Doherty emerged with only one point, their sole match being the safety position with World Cup winning centre-half Cristian Romero, as his aggression and passion for defending not only makes him fearless in tackling and making risky tackles, but also makes him absolutely perfect candidate for the safety position on the gridiron.

As the teams switched, Lloris and Sanchez hit the ground running, both choosing seasoned goalkeeper Fraser Forster as their quarterback. Though we haven’t seen much of him at Spurs, viewers can tell from his time at his last club, Southampton FC, his passing skills are undeniably a match for the quarterback position. Shortly thereafter, the duo matched again, this time with the running back, both nominating speedy Brazilian Richarlison. 

 Their excellent run continued, matching defensive positions perfectly, with Englishman Japhet Tanganga as defensive lineman and previously mentioned Cristian Romero as safety. This excellent run helped them win Round 2 decisively Lloris & Sanchez 4-1 Doherty & Son, giving them a strong lead as 

The final round of the game was a “Would You Rather”, Son and Doherty struggled to find a mutual answer once again, failing the first 2 questions whilst their rivals, although getting the second one wrong, matched once again. 

By question 3, Son and Doherty found a mutual answer, both wanting to be favourites rather than underdogs. The same answer from Lloris and Sanchez pulling them ahead once again, as both teams listened to the final question.

When asked if they would rather have the best offense or best defense, Son and Doherty understandably chose differently. Son being a world class attacker, whilst Doherty is a solid and more defensive fullback.

Lloris and Sanchez came up clutch both choosing the defense and winning the game. The choice was nearly a lock, considering their roles as defender and goalkeeper. 

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