Traits of an Amazing Position Coach

Forget the Head Coach.

The Position Coach is the guy every football player needs to focus on. Unfortunately, very few football players have control over which position coaches they get to play for. Even if you’re one of the fortunate few who has options in football. It won’t be long before your position coach gets fired or leaves for greener pastures.

So how do you spot an amazing position coach?

Football players will play for many coaches throughout their career. If you have more than (3) amazing position coaches during your career, consider yourself lucky. Here are some of the Top Traits that we’ve found every great position coach possesses, through our own football experiences and the experiences of others.

Trait #1: The Cerebral Coach

Some coaches know the game of football. Others feel the game of football. The Cerebral Coach has a sixth sense and transfers his intuitions to his athletes. If there was such a thing as a Football Jedi. The Cerebral Coach would own that title.

The coach that mentally engages his players during the game and prepares them for what’s to come. Is the Cerebral Coach. Typically, your Cerebral Coach’s will be former players, who eat, sleep and breathe football.

If you happen to play for a Cerebral Coach. Soak in as much game as you possibly can!

Trait #2: The “Why” Coach

Any coach can tell you what to do. But which coaches tell you “Why,” you do what you do? One of the key adjustments you hear guys talk about when they make the jump from the college ranks to the NFL, is the attention to detail. Every detail!

If your NFL O-Line Coach is being hard on you in training camp because you are too light in your stance.

There is definitely a reason why.

If your Quarterback Coach continues to emphasize that you carry out your fakes after you hand off the ball on a fly sweep.

There is definitely a reason why.

Be a curious athlete. Ask “Why.” Always make sure you understand your coaches schemes and the thought process behind the calls he makes.

The best position coaches make a point to explain the “Why,” behind everything from their play calls, to the drills they run in practice. Always put a premium on playing for coaches that take the time to teach you “Why.”

Trait #3: The Truthful Coach

Football is a hyper-competitive sport. Which means there will always be someone looking to take your spot. There comes a time in every football players career, when they will receive information they don’t want to hear. However, it’s a lot easier to receive the information if you know it’s truthful, and if it comes from your position coach first.

Football is a game of Respect. No one wants to play for a coach they don’t Respect.

If you happen to land on a team and play for a coach that you can consider truthful. Be sure to thank your lucky stars. Truth is hard to come by in football.

Think about the Running backs in the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs meeting room…

Fresh off of a Super Bowl win. 5-1 start to a new season and still your organization decides to bring in a former Pro Bowl Running Back in Le’veon Bell, to make things uncomfortable in the Running Back room.

Football is a business.

Which is exactly why football players need to only focus on what they can control. Truth is a Luxury in Football. Realize it will be rare if your position coach stands by it.

Trait #4: The Track-Record Coach

There are some football coaches who are “lifers.” Meaning they would consider passing on a football field as the perfect contribution to the game, and the perfect way to leave this earth.

Really. We’re not joking!

Many of these “Football Lifers,” have tremendous track-records of athletes who they’ve coached at various schools or professionally. If you are fortunate enough to “Call Your Shot,” in football and choose which position coach you want to work with. Make sure it’s a coach who has an amazing track-record of helping guys develop and succeed at your particular position.

Have they produced Professional Players from the College Ranks? Do they produce All-League and All-Conference talent? These are the questions football players should be asking themselves.

Don’t just sign up with a coach because the uniforms are nice. Sign up with a position coach who has a track-record of getting the best out of his players, so you can be the best you can be!

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