Tubarões do Cerrado Announce the Return of ‘The Bus’ to Play in Brazil’s Torneio Touchdown

After a period of training and opportunities in Canada, Augusto Oliveira returns to Tubarões do Cerrado (TdC) to play in Torneio Touchdown 2015.

Oliveira was one of the centerpieces of the Tubarões campaign in their first seasons. Now, he returns to add talent and leadership for a group of players with growth potential for this year.

Augusto Oliveira is best known as “The Bus” for his physique, which often left his opponents on the ground with the force of contact, looking like they had been hit by a bus.

The athlete will be one of the representatives of TdC on the Brasil Onças roster in IFAF World Championships, an event that will take place in July in the United States.

For Oliveira, the return to the club which provided his first teachings of football is important to his development as an athlete and as a leader on the field.

Oliveira playing for Brasil Onças against Panama

Oliveira playing for Brasil Onças against Panama

“Every good son returns to his home, with me would not be different. I consider myself a good son and the Tubarões has always been and will always be my home.

I spent a season outside the country, acquire international experience, made try-out for the CFL and I intend to show all these developments using the blue mantle. I can say that with the evolution of my game for the team last season and the American reinforcements that we have, the entire team has evolved, so I cannot wait to see all these individual and collective evolution on the pitch, in training and games.

Evaluating all this with our passion for football and friendships that go far beyond the 100 yards, the result is at least pretty sight. As there is no artist without an audience, the game is not the same without our warm and ever-present crowd to support this oval ball show that TdC Sharks will do this season. “

In addition to “The Bus”, the return of King and James was announced a few weeks ago by the club board.

Rafael Nakamura, president of the club, is excited about the potential of the defensive line.

“Augusto is one of those rare cases of technique, strength and agility combined. We are very proud of the group we are forming to compete in the Torneio Touchdown. Our DL is really a stuffed sector talent. The unit has 12 athletes, among they has Felipe Marques, who is also in the squad, and James.”

Tubarões do Cerrado makes its debut in the tournament against Minas Locomotiva, on July 25th, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

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