Turkey’s Sakarya Tatankalari sign RB Malcolm Gasque

Turkish runners up in 2017, Sakarya Tatankalari, have signed mercurial running back Malcolm Gasque for the 2018 season.

The 5’7″, 195 lb native of Baltimore, Maryland, who played in the California Community College Athletic Association for Orange College, spent the 2017 season with the Cannes Iron Mask in the French second division helping the team out for the final five games of the season. He rushed for 692 yards and seven touchdowns. He originally arrived in Europe in 2016 as the first import signed by the Lisboa Devils in Portugal, helping the team capture the Portuguese crown. He moved on to Brazil following the season in Portugal, playing for the São Paolo Storm.

The Tatankalari finished second in the Turkish American Football League in 2017 but reached the championship game where they lost to the Koc Rams.

American Football International asked Malcolm about his travels.

American Football International: You have played in Portugal, Brazil and France Why the move to Turkey and the Sakarya Tatankaları?

Malcolm Gasque: I decided to go to turkey because I have heard great things about the country and I heard great things about the team I love to win and I love to be apart of a team that’s a family

AFI: Tell us a little about your background in football.

Gasque: Well I started playing football at the age of 12 for the first time in my life and had 15 touchdowns and was the fastest kid in my Pop Warner league. I also play college football in Buffalo and California. I never got the chance to play at a four year school because of money issues so I went to play in Portugal after junior college.

AFI: What other cities and countries have you had an opportunity to visit?

Gasque: So far I been to Portugal, Brazil and France, I got to see a little of Spain and Denmark on my travels too.

Malcolm Gasque in action for the São Paolo Storm in Brazil

AFI: How have you found the level of football in these different places?

Gasque: In Portugal the game is a little fastest because the guys are smaller brazil the guys are more stronger but slower. In France the guys just knew more about the game but was pretty much the same as Portugal to me.

AFI: What has been the biggest obstacle in the different countries?

Gasque: he biggest obstacle was to me was getting use to the time difference from country to country.

AFI: Have you developed a favorite food?

Gasque:  I don’t have a favorite food yet because I love all food haha.

AFI: How did you find out about playing overseas?

Gasque: I found out about playing overseas from YouTube watching football highlights.

AFI: What do you bring to the team?

Gasque:  I will bring a lot of energy to the team. I will leave everything I have in me at every practice and every game and will teach  everything I have learned about American football over the years. I want to  help my team get a championship playing running back slot, wide receiver, kick returner and punt returner. I will play whatever they need me to play and I’m super excited about this next chapter of my life of football and can’t wait to be with my new brothers.

Check out Gasque’s highlights from 2017.

Malcolm was ranked one of the top 10 imports in Brazil in 2016

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