Twitter Q&A #FragMario with Berlin Adler & German National LB Mario Nowak

A few days before the European Football Championship kicks off in Austria (May 30th – June 7th) Mario Nowak, member of the German national team and team captain of the Berlin Adler answered fan’s questions via Twitter regarding GFL, BIG6, the German national team and the NFL Draft.


MarioNowak_AFVD@bjoernhesse: Which songs get you hyped up before a game? Either Hip-Hop or Rock?
Mario Nowak: It’s all kind of stuff, but mainly Eminem and Jay-Z. I also listen a lot Notorious BIG. It’s always the same playlist.

@calanda_broncos: Who was in your opinion the best Broncos player during in BIG 6 game?
MN: I have to give credits to the whole Broncos O-Line. Besides that #11 (QB Dea Baumann) and #21 (RB Tino Muggwyler) did a really good job.

@AmFiD: You’re rolling right now in the BIG6 after beating the Broncos. Next up are the Swarco Raiders with Coach Shuan, a spezial BIG6-game? (Shuan Fatah was a longtime Adler player and legendary Adler Coach)
MN: Every BIG6-game is special. The next game is like a semi-final for us, we want to reach the Eurobowl.

@footballaustria: How do you prepare for Innsbruck’s running game with Hofbauer and DJ Wolfe in the backfield?
MN: Both are good players. But we have nothing to give. The question is, how will Swarco prepare for us.

@AmFiD: Mario, you belong to the 75-man roster of the German national team. What are your chances of playing in the European Championship and how far will the Germans get?
MN: I’m on the 45-man team for the Euros. Be sure, I’m not going to Austria, to watch the mountains.

@footballaustria: How is the atmosphere on the national team right now?
MN: In Japan the atmosphere was great. We will see each other again on May 26 for mini camp in Frankfurt.

@stefanmuecke53: Will the national team be able to defend the European title?
MN: We will put all our hearts in to defend out title. Reaching the final is a must!

@Germanbowl: What are your best memories from GFLJ, GFL, national team, EFAF Eurobowl & BIG6?
MN: All titles were awesome! The best thing about playing are the many teammates, that you play with over the years.

@robertverchow: Which Linebacker has inspired you the most? Maybe Ray Lewis?
MN: You answered it right away. Ray Lewis has been the best. Generally he has been an idol for many.

@Germanbowl: Which tips can you give young players to pay as many successful games as you did?
MN: Ambition, training, dedication. Always believing in you, no matter what others may say.

@samiraport: If you wouldn’t have played American football, which other sport would have interested you?
MN: I started with soccer as a little kid. A buddy of mine introduced me to American Football. I guess, otherwise it would have been another contact sport.

@bjoernhesse: What is your favorite sports movie?
MN: I watch so many films, I couldn’t pick a single one.

@bjoernhesse: Did you watch the NFL Draftt? What’s your commentary to Michael Sam? Would a homosexual player be a huge story in the GFL?
MN: Yes, I stayed up at night to watch the Draft. Unfortunately it’s not easy for players like him, to stay true to yourself. Respect Michael Sam.

@conradmeadows: What are you gonna wear to Friday’s practice next week on casual Friday?
MN: Something special. What are you gonna wear?

@AmFiD: Home game in the German Bowl? When will this dream come finally true?
MN: I hope this year! It’s about time for a finale. And playing in Berlin would be a dream.

MN: I hope you were pleased with my answers and hopefully we’ll see each other at Jahn-Stadion on July 5 for our home game against the Berlin Rebels #GoAdler

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Björn Hesse is a contributor writer from Berlin, Germany. Having been a Frankfurt Galaxy fan since childhood, he played linebacker for the Leipzig Lions in Germany’s third league (Regionalliga-Ost) from 2003 to 2008. He worked as a PR intern for