NCAA bans ‘two-a-days’ for FBS & FCS programs

The NCAA formally adopted legislation last week outlawing old school “two-a-days”; which to be honest I’m not sure really were occurring much if at all these days. What now is allowed is a padded practice and a walk-through (without pads).

“Two-a-days” is a term mainly used in American football, but applicable across all sports, that describes when a team or individual trains on two separate occasions during the same day. Most, if not all, FBS and FCS football programs have use ‘two-a-day’ practice schedules.

From the NCAA’s release:

Division I football players will no longer have multiple contact practices a day in the preseason, the Division I Council decided at its April 13-14 meeting in Indianapolis.

The action comes just a few months after the Division I Committee for Legislative Relief issued a blanket waiver to allow the football preseason to start up to a week earlier. That decision allowed schools to decide how best to manage their practice schedule while retaining 29 preseason practices. A single day may include a single, three-hour, on-field practice session and a walk-through.

During walk-throughs, protective equipment such as helmets and pads can’t be worn, and contact is prohibited. Walk-throughs also can’t include conditioning activities and, in the Football Championship Subdivision, are limited to two hours in length. Three continuous hours of recovery are required between on-field practice and a walk-through. Activities such as meetings, film review, medical treatment and meals are allowed during recovery time.

The Division I Football Oversight Committee supported the recommendations, as did the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports. Research says that practices with tackling are more likely to cause a concussion than practices that don’t include tackling. Additionally, the decision allows for appropriate recovery time to prevent both heat illness and overuse injuries.


Doug has been the content manager for Football Scoop since 2011. A former college player and small college coach, Doug now serves as assistant head coach / offensive coordinator at West Ottawa HS (MI).