Two Head Coaches Who Exceed Expectations in NFL

The National Football League is a challenge for rookie and veteran coaches alike and this season started with eight coaches that are either rookies or have new teams. Their combined record 17-47-1, which suggest they are performing above the average but two of them are having results above the average.

If you like betting on sports, you should definitely take a closer look at the performance of Matt LaFleur and Kliff Kingsbury who perform above at expectations at Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals, respectively. Here is why they outperform other new coaches in the NFL and where they can still improve to make their teams winners in the long run.

Matt LaFleur at Green Bay Packers

Matt LaFleur has led the Green Bay Packers to the first place in the NFC North, having impressive stats of 7-2. It seems he has a very strong relationship with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, which is a crucial factor for his and his team’s good run of games so far.

Actually, Matt LaFleur seems to have won the respect of the entire locker room, which is not an easy task for a new coach of an NFL team full of personalities. It appears that LaFleur has mastered the vital skill of managing people and making them work together as a team. At the start of the season, most pundits commented that his main task will be to strengthen the Packers sluggish defense but this very team-bonding skill of his now plays even a greater role in the team’s success.

Matt LaFleur hit the season at his new team running and now the big questions is whether he can keep the pace and inspire specialists such as Mason Crosby and JK Scott to perform to their recent playing standards.

Matt LaFleur is well on his way to win the NFC North if he continues to outperform the other new and old NFL coaches.

Kliff Kingsbury at Arizona Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury is a newcomer to the NFL and he took over the Arizona Cardinals without any NFL coaching experience. He is one of the few exceptions to the rule when a new NFL coach manages to adjust so quickly to the specific of coaching at the highest level.

The Cardinals are boasting stats of 3-5-1, which is a pretty good result for a team that plays under a rookie coach. Frankly speaking, it took Kingsbury some time to figure out what in his scheme is working and what doesn’t, quickly realizing that being patient is the best strategy when your team is down a score or two.

The weak link in his team is defense where he still needs to find the right rooster if the Cardinals are to be more stable in defensive playing.

Also, he’ll need some time to master his tactics as Kingsbury still makes some questionable tactical decisions. Early in the season, he decided on a few occasions for passing plays in the red zone while most other coaches would conventionally run the ball. But, he is a quick learner and is now more adapted to pressures of taking decisions under pressure.

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