Typical Sativa Effects on the Human Body

When the effects of Marijuana on the human body is discussed, so many people think this is exclusive to those who vape or smoke this substance. The truth is, vaping or smoking Marijuana is only one of the many ways this substance is ingested into the body. You can also consume cannabis through beverages, elixirs, topical, and food.

The flower of the cannabis plant (either Sativa or Indica) is used for medical purposes, the stalk is used for industrial purposes, and the seed is used for food and household purposes. With the various ways this substance is ingested into the body, we must discuss the effects this might have on our health in general.

The different modes of ingestion affect the body to varying degrees because they enter the bloodstream differently. Smoking marijuana has greater effects because when you inhale this, the compounds immediately break down and diffuse into your bloodstream.

From there, it makes its way to your brain or body, depending on which strain you take. Since we’re discussing Sativa, the strain referred to as “Brain high,” the compound breaks down and finds its way to the brain. The effect is seen from seconds to minutes. When you eat or drink Marijuana, it takes hours for the effect to kick in because the compounds need to pass through your liver and digestive system before it reaches your bloodstream.

What is Sativa Marijuana?

Sativa is a variety of cannabis found in hot and dry climates of Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia. The plants grow as tall as 12 feet, with thin and long leaves. It induces a stimulating and invigorating effect in the brain, helping reduce anxiety and stress. It is best used in the daytime because it promotes creativity and productivity.

Adverse Effects of Cannabis on Human Physical Health

Before buying or growing Sativa for sale or personal use, you must be well-informed about its effects on the human body. Although it can be used for recreational and medical purposes, Cannabis sativa seeds have overwhelming and mind-boggling effects on the human body. Let’s look into some of these effects:

It is Addictive

Continuous use of this substance increases your body’s tolerance to it, and soon you’ll need higher doses of this substance to achieve the same high. When you get used to these high doses, you become more dependent on it, and it becomes harder to pull away. This is an addiction.

Addiction affects your body physically, especially when you start to feel withdrawal symptoms. It is a physical reaction that causes discomfort, irritability, cravings, wild appetite changes, mood swings, sleep issues, and even depression.

Increased Heart Rate

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive compound in Marijuana Sativa. In smoking or vaping, this drug moves directly from your lungs to your bloodstream and throughout your body. Within a few minutes, your heart rates speed up from 70 to 80 beats per minute, your breathing passages contract, and blood vessels in the eyes are affected, causing bloodshot eyes.

There is evidence that proves that in the first hour of smoking marijuana, you stand a possible risk of heart attack that is nearly five times more than usual. It increases blood pressure and heart rate, affecting the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen.

Risks on Pregnant Women

In the US, Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug used by pregnant women, and the statistics are still rising. This is unsafe, and it poses great risks to the unborn baby, no matter how little the concentration is. It contains THC and over 400 chemicals, which can pass through the placenta to the baby.

The major effect of Marijuana on the baby is fetal restriction. The chemicals in the drug limit the baby’s growth and stop the fetus from gaining weight. It also increased the chances of stillbirth. Even after delivery, Marijuana can get into the breastmilk and impact the child’s brain development.

Respiratory Risks

If you have asthma or any other type of RTI, cannabis smoke is terrible for you. You don’t have to vape or smoke, even if you’re around a smoker; this could alter your bronchitis and aggravate your condition.

This is because the smoke is made up of toxic compounds like ammonia and hydrogen cyanide, which can irritate your lungs. This could lead to wheezing, cough, phlegm, shortness of breath, and heaviness in the chest.

Positive Effects of Cannabis on Human Health

Sativa isn’t all bad, especially when used well. There are so many positive effects it has on the body, which we will list below:

  • It promotes creativity;
  • It enhances productivity;
  • It stimulates the mind;
  • Feelings of rest and euphoria without a hangover;
  • It supplies energy to the brain and body;
  • It boosts motivation;
  • For those who are shy, Sativa is a cure for social awkwardness and anxiety;
  • It comes with a boost of serotonin which helps regulate attention, the digestive process, blood flow, and breathing.


Like everything else, anything with an advantage surely has a disadvantage. It’s the same with Sativa Marijuana. There are so many positive effects it has on the body, either in the medical or recreational niche. However, the negative effects are just as bad, primarily when it isn’t regulated for use.

In this article, we highlighted all the effects of Sativa on the human body, especially for those thinking about growing Sativa plants for sale. You must know the impact to ensure you take the regulations seriously when making sales in you

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