Latin America Tourney Announces Clubs; II Copa America de Fútbol Americano

Three Brazilian teams have been confirmed to compete in the II Copa America de Fútbol Americano, which is organized by the Unión Internacional Para El Desarrollo del Fútbol Americano en Latinoamerica (Uidfal). The tournament involves teams from throughout Latin America .

The Brazilian teams are: Belo Horizonte Get Eagles, Itapema White Sharks and Botafogo Challengers.

The tournament is a continuation of the Torneo Guerrero of Los Andes, which the Corinthians Steamrollers won in 2014 in Peru.

According to Uidfal, the city of Huixquilucan, Mexico was willing to be the host city. The event is scheduled to be played February 1st to 8th, in 2016. Besides the Brazilians, teams from Colombia, Peru and Mexico will participate and negotiations are underway for a European team take part in the Cup.

Check out the invited teams

  • Botafogo Challengers (Brazil)
  • Belo Horizonte Get Eagles Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
  • Itapema White Sharks (Brazil)
  • Titanes de Cali (Colombia)
  • Yaks FC (Colombia)
  • Águilas Fútbol Americano (Peru)
  • Heróico Cuerpo de Bomberos Arena (Mexico)
  • Leones de la Anáhuac (Mexico)
  • Cluj Crusaders (Romania)

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