Ukraine’s League One kicks off shortened season

The Ukraine League of American Football, ULAF, has announced a new, shortened nine-man season of football kicking off this weekend.

The league is a mixture of teams from both the Premier division in the Ukraine and also from the second division. With the COVID-19 pandemic making it difficult for teams to play with full rosters, many decided to opt out this year.

There are three, three-team divisions, Division East, Division Centre and Division West with three rounds of play in each commencing September 5.  The team with the worst record of the nine will be automatically eliminated. The playoff rounds will start on September 25 with the remaining eight teams and a draw will be held to determine the opponents in the quarterfinal round. The semifinals are scheduled for October 9/10 while the championship final is set for October 24 with the game to decide third and fourth the same day.

Division East will have the Kharkiv Atlantes (Premier quarterfinalists), Dnipro Spartans (second division) and Azov Dolphins (second division).

Division Centre will see the defending Ukrainian champions, the Kiev Capitals compete against the Kiev Slavs (Premier division) and Mykolaiv Vikings (second division).

The Kiev Patriots (Premier division finalists), Vinnytsia Wolves (Premier division), Zhytomir Bisons (second division) make up the Division West.

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