Unionized: European League of Football players band together in ELFPA

Apparently, the players of the European League of Football have formed a union according to ELF reporting source, Foot Bowl.

The Swiss-based union will be made of up three elements: a general assembly, a board of directors, and an executive office.

According to the same report, the mission of the European League of Football Players Association or ELFPA is to empower and support players, while at the same time working on collective bargaining agreements and general conflict resolution.

One week ago on October 29th, the union held its very first meeting. Its debut gathering included 40 members, the majority of whom were import players. The ELFPA will also be working in tandem with the Josh Davis Players Advice Service (JDPAS). The service, founded by Tales From Sport, aims to connect players by sharing information on various experiences playing American football in Europe. Currently, the ELFPA’s main focus is on increasing its membership.

The ELFPA formed shortly after former Frankfurt Galaxy players Kadel King and Desmond Cooper took to social media on October 28th. The two claimed Galaxy management had given them improper injury rehab and unsanitary living conditions, and that these issues persisted throughout the entirety of the season. These were the same concerns initially raised in August by Galaxy defensive back Omari Williams. 

With the ELF off-season in full swing, it remains to be seen how players and teams will work with the union as rosters begin to form for the league’s second season. The recently expanded European League of football currently has 12 teams, each of which is made up of a 52 man gameday roster. By that math, the union’s first meeting made up over 6% of the league’s players. Only time will tell how the growing union will affect the young league as more and more players and teams join the ever-evolving European League of Football.

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