Uppsala 86ers aiming for major turnaround as Swedish Superserien kicks off

The Uppsala 86ers enter this unique Swedish Superserien “post pandemic” shortened season with a unique approach. They will play only Swedish players.

Head coach  Moe Kadkhodai is using this as an opportunity to launch an initiative to develop local Swedish talent after combine forces with neighboring club, the Arlanda Jets.

“So as you can see we have a bunch of super Swedish talent! Going zero imports this year and only working on our Swedish talent! This season is the first year of the three year plan of UNITED Football (Arlanda Jets and Uppsala 86ers) Working to get better together! The goal is to have both teams in the Superseries by the end of 2022!”

The Swedish Superserien will be the third league in the world to play a season of football since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe.

The season in Sweden opens with four teams – Örebro Black Knights, Carlstad Crusaders, Stockholm Mean Machines and Uppsala 86ers – playing a shortened schedule with each team playing a total of six games starting August 22 with the regular season winding up September 26.

Since entering the Swedish Superserien, the top league in Sweden, Uppsala has a record of 35-39 and reached the championship final once (2016) and the semifinals five times.

This season, the 86ers have combined forces with the Arlanda Jets (Division 1) creating a club rich with Swedish talent. They will need this talent to preform as they are going with no import players this season.The most talented part of this team will be their running back group, featuring Oscar Nevermann, Josh Akena, and Johannes Nilsson. All three of these running backs are established veterans with a plethora of experience. Nevermann, is a former university of Wyoming graduate and Frankfurt Universe (German Football League) player.  Another back is Josh Akena who has been a dominant runner in both the Swedish Superserien and Finnish Maple League. The third wheel of this tricycle is Johannes Nilsson a veteran back who was named one of the top players in Sweden in 2019 by profootballsweden.

Look for head coach Moe Kadkhodai to use these three in different positions throughout the season. This trio along with wide receiver Isac Wikman will help out their Swedish quarterback and should be a explosive offense. Head coach Kadkhodia has confidence in his backfield.

“The three amigos, with the three punch combo of Oscar, Joshua and Johannes I’m positive that we will have strong running game this year and hopefully with that I can take the pressure of my young Swedish quarterbacks.”

The team also announced the signing of Mark Rosenquist, a 6’4 300-pound lineman who played for Butte College and Grand Valley State. Rosenquist is a native Swede who made an impressive 61 total tackles, 1 sack, and 1 interception in 28 games on the defensive line for Grand Valley State. Look for Rosenquist to be a disruptive force in the middle of their defense this season. Rosenquist joins a defense that is anchored upfront by an established defensive line including Gustav Kierebinski.

“The Great Wall of Uppsala is the nickname i gave my defensive line some time ago, when i was the defensive coordinator for the 86ers back in 2014-2016 and the former glory days of the Dline is back! Thee out of my four from that DL is back and I have a bunch of great DL ready to jump in! Super excited to see them in action!”

Although the past couple of seasons have not been as successful as hoped, Kadkhodai is optimistic with the results of the new intiative.

“It’s been an up and down battle this year and we are along way from our top form. But i feel that the tides are turning and I’m sure that people will be surprised by the turn around Uppsala will make from the previous season.”

Uppsala opens the 2020 season Saturday, August 22 on the road against the Örebro Black Knights.

Uppsala 86ers full 2020 schedule

August 22: Uppsala 86ers @Orebro Black Knights

August 28: Stockholm Mean Machines @Uppsala 86ers

Sept. 4: Carlstad Crusaders @Uppsala 86ers

Sept. 11: Uppsala 86ers @Carlstad Crusaders

Sept. 19: Uppsala 86ers @Stockholm Mean Machines

Sept. 26: Örebro Black Knights @Uppsala 86ers

Uppsala 86ers Roster (Click on image to enlarge)


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