Upset is an understatement: Mallorca Voltors knock off previously unbeaten Barbera Rookies

In the opening game of the Spanish National League of American Football season, the Barbera Rookies walked all over the Mallorca Voltors earning an easy, lopsided win. So, entering the second meeting between the two teams, they were poised to dominate Mallorca again. Or so they thought.

Since delivering that season-opening shellacking, Barbera had rolled through the rest of the league with ease and without a loss.

That changed this past weekend as the Voltors pulled off the miracle upset, knocking off the previously undefeated Rookies 26-19.

From the start, the Voltors proved they were a different team from the unit that had gotten slaughtered two months earlier. They were dominant throughout the first half on both sides of the field, jumping out to a 20-3 halftime lead. In the first quarter alone, wide receiver Marcos Molina produced two scores for the Voltors.

Mallorca Voltors defenders swarming Barbera Rookies ball carrier Photo: @mikeltrigueros

The Rookies’ only response to Molina’s strong play was a field goal from kicker Luis Cereceda. Aside from that, this half belonged to the Voltors, whose third touchdown came from Jaylon Hibbs.

The Rookies, who have been the better team all season long, looked like it in the third quarter. The halftime adjustments proved to be beneficial, as they looked like the first-place team they’ve been all year. Victor Vega scored two touchdowns, and Barbera converted on both two-point tries following the scores to bring them within a point, 20-19.

With the teams suddenly within a point of each other, the atmosphere was tense. Finally, Ronald Tomasello, Mallorca’s 28-year-old American running back and defensive back, scored the dagger touchdown, giving the Voltors the biggest upset win of the season.

After this stunning loss, the Rookies are tied with Badalona Dracs at the top of the standings with both teams sporting 4-1 records although Barbera has the edge thanks to the win over the Dracs earlier in the year.

However, if the Rookies end up ceding this top spot to Badalona, they will undoubtedly think back to this winnable contest.