USFL updates CBA for the 2023 season, sets higher salary than rival XFL

The United States Football League has reached a new three-year deal with its parent company, FOX Sports, as well as the players’ representatives ahead of the league’s second season this spring.

According to this agreement, players will receive a minimum weekly salary of $5,350, which is a jump from last season’s weekly amount of $4,500.  For comparison, the XFL’s minimum salary is $5,000 per week.  This is notable in the sense that those two leagues will be competing to attract talent ahead of their seasons in the coming months.

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In June, USFL players voted to unionize, electing the United Steelworkers as their exclusive bargaining representative to advocate for adequate pay, accommodations, and healthcare benefits.

This has clearly led to further improvements for players.

Whereas last season’s policies made players pay for their own housing expenses, the USFL will give each player $400 per week for such accommodations.  The new CBA also introduces performance bonuses into league contracts and weekly 401k contributions.

The 8-team league kicks off its 2023 season on April 16th.


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