VIDEO: Differences Between the NFL and the CFL Explained!

Ninh Ly has spent the last couple of years putting together a series of excellent videos describing a range of sports including NFL and CFL football. Found on YouTube, his videos are eye-popping in their detail and variety. Check out his website.

He has produced videos explaining everything from American Football and Table Tennis to the East Asian game of Sepak Takraw. Basically, you name it and Ly will explain it.

An avid watcher of both NFL and CFL football, Ly has taken a look at both versions of the game and compared the differences.

For those who do not know how different the two versions of North American football really are, this video breaks things down perfectly.

The CFL field is far bigger than its NFL cousin’s.┬áBut the football for the Canadian game is not that much bigger.

Is the CFL simply an offshoot of the NFL? Ly examines this and much else besides.

He also dispels several myths about the origins of the two games and touches on many other aspects of them. No matter which game you prefer, or if you just enjoy the game of football regardless of the rule differences, you will definitely enjoy watching this video.

Ninh Ly has a background in gym management, sportswriting (NHL) and video production and is in the process of writing a self-help book. He continues to produce YouTube videos describing all manner of sports.