VIDEO: “Do You Wear Your Number With Honor?” London Blitz Suiting Up for 2015

Photo: Phil Rocker

The London Blitz are preparing to suit up for their 2015 BAFA Premiership season.

The Blitz are hunting their first national championship in three years. The Blitz were the 2014 runner’s up in Great Britain’s top American football league, the British American Football Association’s (BAFA)Premiership.

The Finsbury Park-based club have lost out to rivals London Warriors in the last two British American Football Association finals, the second of them by a narrow 10-8 margin.

The Blitz kick-off their 2015 season this Sunday at University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, at 2:30pm, against the London Olympians.

The video, released by the London Blitz media department and directed by Yuksel Yilmaz, touches on the honor that comes with an American football player receiving their number.

The legacy that accompanies many jersey numbers reminders current players of the athletes that have sweat for the organization before them.

Does your club has this tradition?

Who wore your jersey in the past?

Do you wear your number with honor?

John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.