Video – European League of Football: Rating the Fehérvár Enthroners class of 2024 imports

The Fehérvár Enthroners have struggled to establish themselves in the European League of Football during their short tenure.

Last season, their first in the league, was spent simply establishing themselves as a team and other than that there were very few positives to take from it. However, in 2024, they are looking for a lot more solid foundations for the team. Questions remain about their team going into the season, but they could succeed if they hit on their import spots correctly.

Their American positions are already an unorthodox group by ELF recruiting norms. They went for American quarterback Jack Mangel, who had a rocky senior season. But if the team commits to him long-term, he could be a solid addition.


This is also true of the signing of ELF veteran receiver Nathaniel Robitaille. Robitaille is an all-star-level receiver who will add a lot to this offense in many different ways and is a great signing. This is a regular set-up for ELF offenses.

The unusual part comes in the defense. Rather than the norm of two American defensive backs or a linebacker, the Enthroners have chosen two defensive linemen, Malik Crenshaw and Jebrai Regan. Regan is an underrated athlete with 9.5 sacks last season. Malik is taking a step up from the GFL 2.

DE Jebrai Regan #50 Photo: Kustas Petra


The Europeans also have an interesting layout. The tradition of offensive line support is going to be needed with the Enthroners. Ben Dixon, formerly of the Barcelona Dragons, will line up in white and gold in 2024. That is the extent of the support on the line, which is incredibly surprising.

Ben Dixon

At the receiver position, young Netherlands international Samuel Bhoedjang will be a great weapon who will add a lot of speed and dynamic options to the offense. Also on the offense, British tight end Henry Rowland makes his European debut after time with the NFL Academy, Leeds University and the London Warriors. On the other side of the ball, Potsdam champion Hjalmar Nielsen joins the team at defensive back.

Henry Rowland playing for Team Great Britain. Photo: Giulio Busi

He and Roedion Henrique will be holding down the defensive backfield as the only European duo in the league. There is a mix of experience and youth in that tandem. Henrique was a former all-star player and one of the best European defensive backs. Nielsen is only 24 and could be a solid starter for the team. Teddy Alane Jr. will anchor the interior defensive line with the Americans and make for a very interesting squad-building strategy. They certainly haven’t gone for the normal diet, and it’ll be engrossing to see how it works out for them.