Video – European League of Football: Rating the Frankfurt Galaxy class of 2024 imports

A lot of buzz has surrounded the Frankfurt Galaxy off-season in their hopes to climb to the top of the mountain again as ELF champions. Unfortunately for the Galaxy supporters, they have fallen short of a familiar foe and are housed in the most competitive division in European American football. This off-season, they have made a big push to achieve that goal. The big question is, is it enough?

The big news was the addition of European veteran, Luke Zahradka from the Milano Seamen. Zahradka was a big scorer last season but will have to reduce the turnovers if he wants to keep the Galaxy’s dream alive.

To achieve this, the team went out and got one of his former receivers and the 2023 triple crown winner, Markell Castle. These two undoubtedly will click once again and be prime-time entertainment for the fans.

Jamalcolm Liggins has re-signed with the team following his 2023 All-ELF selection. He is partnering up with Divine Buckrham, another veteran of the ELF with the Raiders Tirol. These two will undoubtedly be an elite partnership and have contrasting styles that will be a tough puzzle to solve in 2024.

For the European front, it is split down the middle with three apiece. We shall start with the defense as there are more familiar names. Louis Achaintre, the French outside linebacker has spent the last few seasons with the team and is an underrated player in his position. He will have to step into the role of leader on that linebacker corps with key losses in Nasri and Silva. He will have support from Swedish inside linebacker, Hugo Dyrendahl who comes in as one of the best defensive tackles in the German Football League with the Dresden Monarchs.

Karlis Brauns, the Latvian defensive end is another legend of the game coming off another eight-sack season. He is one of the most consistent players in the league and is going to be a big piece as always for that defense. The offense sees the shock signings of one of the best offensive linemen in Europe with Steven Nielsen coming over from the Raiders Tirol and another steal from the Raiders in former New York Giants running back Sandro Platzgummer, a move that no one saw coming!

Photo: Reuters


The latest of their import class is Kevin Kaya, the receiver has spent three seasons in Canada but has returned to be the final part of the offense and give the it even more diversity as a lengthy deep threat.

Now they have to put it all together and get over the hump of the Western Conference.