Video: High school defender pulls off the impossible on kneel down play – let the debate begin

Normally, when a team comes out in what all coaches commonly refer to as the “victory formation,” 99% of people recognize that the game is over and the few snaps are a mere formality.

However, a high schooler in California managed to pull off the impossible during a victory formation during a high school game because he refused to accept the victory formation by the opponent as defeat.

Scripps Ranch HS (CA) lined up in victory formation for the kneel down up 10-7 at the time. Needing the ball back, linebacker Max Smith of La Jolla HS (CA) managed to time the snap perfectly, and strip the ball from the quarterback before the kneel could happen.

It happens so fast that it’s hard to catch on film, but watch closely.

To put the icing on the cake, Smith has his number called the very next play and he catches a wheel route for a touchdown to cap an improbable 13-10 win.

Some coaches are going to take issue with the approach and staunchly believe that there is a fine line to be tread here. Remember back when Greg Schiano was the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his guys torpedo’d into the line during a close game with the Giants? Schiano will forever be remembered for saying he has his guys play hard to the final whistle.

Here’s a clip of that.

As incredible as the play is from La Jolla HS, it’s tough to think that you can praise that one, and condemn the other. Either you play (clean) to the final whistle, or you don’t. Hard to straddle the fence and have it both ways on this issue.

Doug has been the content manager for Football Scoop since 2011. A former college player and small college coach, Doug now serves as assistant head coach / offensive coordinator at West Ottawa HS (MI).