VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Football in Argentina in Full Swing From Córdoba To Mendoza

Argentina’s football leagues are in full swing, with touchdowns galore and new teams growing around the country.

Rosario´s Football League, punished by weather

Argentina - Rosario Football League 2016 action

Orcs 7 – Celtas 0

The Orcs and Celtas faced each other in the opening game of the season and the Orcs, who haven’t lost since 2014 came away with a hard fought 7-0 victory.

Gonzalo Ortiz (#30, coming from Espartanos), scored a 20 yard touchdown in the 3rd quarter. Gastón Part (#10) made history, making the first point of the RFL.

The weather was a huge factor in the game which saw frequent fumbles, bad snaps, and grounded passes. The Celtas suffered the most, as a large number of its players were injured, like QB Nahuel Díaz.

Hyenas 6 – Spartans 0

Wide receiver Ignacio Monzón (#88) of the Hyenas scored the only touchdown of the game as the Hyenas won their first game of 2016 after losing the in 2015 Flag Bowl.

The Club “Fábrica de Armas” held the match again, surrounded by the worry of Hyenas and its bad performance at 2015 season. In fact, the team didn’t score as the Spartans improved up steadily, while testing positions and new rookies.

Wide receiver Ignacio Monzón (#88) scored the only TD of the evening for the Spartans. His teammate, running back Agustín Mendez (#21), provided the blocking.

June 11

The Spartans won their second game, this time, against the Celtas. The tough Spartan team beat the “Irish” foreigners by a tight score, 6-0. Rosario’s league journalists highlighted that these three games have had an absence of strong offensive plays, leading to few touchdowns.

Mariano Nicosia was the key for the Spartans, although both teams show tremendous difficulties to beat their rivals. Both defenses played well making it a wonderful football show.

The Celtas had problems as their captains, Luciano Paolini y Luciano Pascual, and QB Nahuel Díaz left the game due to serious injuries.

Flag Football

Argentina - Flag football

The Libertadores defeated Mendoza

The Libertadores Flag Football team beat the Mendoza Red Lions 18 to 14, after starting badly. Facu Nedic and Nicolás Forletti, scored touchdowns for the Libertadores. Matias Vazques (#7) and Guillermo Cucciari (#80), scored for the Red Lions, with two safety points.

June 11

The Libertadores played this time, a very tough match against Santa Rosa´s Spartans. The “green ones” won 12-8 after a low level first quarter, and staying behind in the score board.

Facundo Nedic did it again, scoring both touchdowns. Santa Rosa´s Spartans also showed their strength and their team growth since 2015.

Córdoba’s league filled with intense games

Argentina - Rosario Football League 2016 action.2
June 4

The second match of Córdoba´s Football league between the Dragones and Coyotes, was suspended due to bad weather.

June 11

The Coyotes, defending 2015 Córdoba League Champion, were overwhelming by the Cóndors (the newest team looking for their first victory). The “herd” showed their experience and preparation, from the start of the game which ended 54-0.

The Cóndors had no answer this time, as the Coyotes demonstrated their football experience as a team that has been playing since the league started. The Cóndors fought hard but had fun which was the first objective of their coach.

Agustin has been a Minnesota Viking's football fan since 2014, and hails from Córdoba, Argentina. He writes about Córdoba's American football league, along with a of variety of news in Argentinian football. He is a defensive end on the Cóndores