VIDEO: Polish League Getting Set To Go

As the Polish League of American Football (PLFA) gets ready to launch next weekend, the league has put out a slick new promotional video. As usual, the Polish federation has done an outstanding job.

The top division, the Topliga kicks off in a week with seven teams vying for the title. But the growth of the league over the past few years has been phenomenal. This year there are 41 teams playing 11-man American football in Poland spread across three divisions. Then there are another 14 teams playing eight-man football along with two junior divisions, playing either 11 or eight-man football, totalling 18 teams.

Poland - Wroclaw Panthers-Calanda Broncos.5

Wroclaw Panthers in action vs Calanda Broncos. Photo: Lumika Fotografia Sportowa

In other words, the game is growing in Poland enormously. And the quality is rising fast as well with the Wroclaw Panthers beating Switzerland’s defending champion Calanda Broncos 35-27 a week ago in an international friendly.

Although Team Poland did not qualify for the IFAF Europe B tournament this fall, the team is intent on improving. They have scheduled a game against Hungary later this year and will be announcing more.

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